Réglo mobile - difficulties with UK roaming

I have a Reglo SIM (9.95€ monthly charge for 60G), which generally works well and is good value. However I recently visited the UK and could not access any UK network, even though Réglo say I should be able to use roaming, as part of the monthly charge (5G/1 hour of calls). Customer Services say my phone isn’t blocked from roaming and (effectively) it must be my inability to switch on roaming in my phone that’s the issue. I’ve used roaming extensively for some years on a variety of phones, so I suspect that isn’t the problem!

Has anyone else who has a Reglo SIM tried roaming in the UK, and were there any problems experienced? I will return occasionally to the UK, and it would certainly be convenient to be able to make calls/access the internet whilst there, when away from wifi. Alternatively I will have to use an old UK pay as you go when there, which has its limitations…

Grateful for any experiences…

I used my Reglo mobile sim in UK in September without a problem.

Heading back soon, hopefully it will work.

Have you checked that your phone will connect to other networks…

@graham That’s an inspired question and made me scurry away to check whether my phone with Reglo SIM does connect to other networks. Sadly, it doesn’t. We tried with my wife’s phone that contains a Reglo SIM and it didn’t connect either. We tried rebooting etc to see if that made any difference and it didn’t. We tried an O2 SIM from the UK which confirmed there are plenty of other networks available, it’s just that our Reglo SIMs will not connect. A bit of an impasse…

@Mat_Davies Reassured that at least you can access a network in the UK, but puzzled as to why I can’t! Presumably you didn’t do anything special/unusual to access it, bar adjusting your settings to roaming etc?

Thank you both anyhow…

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On iThings, there’s a 3G/4G switch that’s worth trying if you suspect your settings might be incorrect. It used to be that some U.K. networks gave foreign roaming mobiles a lower standard£ of connection, especially for VMNOs such as Regulo.

Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data

Remember to switch VoLTE off if you select 3G as the networks often aren’t smart enough to offer CSFB if VoLTE is enabled with 3G selected for voice.

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AFAIAA if your SIM is in it’s home country then it won’t/can’t roam to other networks e.g. My Orange SIM only sees Orange whilst in France, but sees whatever is the strongest network when roaming north of the channel.

My UK EE SIM can see all the French networks whilst it is in France, but only uses EE if it’s ever back in the UK.


The only time you’ll be allowed to use another operator’s network in your SIM’s home country is if there’s an infrastructure sharing arrangement.

3UK used to roam on O2UK’s 2G network to provide coverage infill for a few years. This was part of the 3G licence granted by HMG to 3UK and O2UK made a lot of money out of the deal.

No it just worked. Heading back soon, hopefully it works.