Rehoming a young cat

Hi everyone,

Would like some advice on rehoming a cat please. We took in a half wild kitten a couple of years ago but would like to try and find a new home for him. He is a lovely cat but really needs to be an outdoor cat as he is a prolific ratter. We have had our other cat for many years and he happily lives in and outdoors, depending on the weather, so it is not simply a case of keeping the other cat outdoors as that would not be fair.

The ratting is causing a huge problems as he keeps bringing them indoors, dead or alive - in one case still attached to the rat trap and it is almost a daily occurrence. Obviously this is not great but it is also causing a huge flea issue, I have de flea’d the cat and the whole house on many occasions, used all types of flea sprays, drops and collars but he still keeps getting fleas and re-infesting the house.

My husband and I both work long hours and we have 2 young children. Permanently defleaing the house, clearing up dead rats and getting our ankles bitten by the fleas and the cat when we don’t feed him quick enough is just becoming a bit much, so reluctantly, we need to rehome him. I’m not keen on taking him to the SPA as that is where we got our first cat from and I’d hate him to be put down but we can’t really cope with him much longer - and it is costing us a fortune in flea treatments!

All ideas gratefully received!

Excellent, am off to town tomorrow to buy small daughter’s birthday present so will be buying a steam cleaner thingy as well. Those fleas are going to die!!!

Thanks Julie,
Have checked out the steam cleaners and think I will invest in one. We live in a half renovated house so it looks like a good plan to keep the dust down as well - any recommendations or hints?
I’m pretty sure they are fleas unfortunately, just not sure where they are coming fom.