Reimbursement from CPAM/Ameli

Having used my carte vitale for years, I now have in my hand one of those brown feuille de soins from a specialist as I saw him on a day when their systems weren’t working so couldn’t accept my carte vitale.
I thought I could get my reimbursement from CPAM by uploading said form onto my account on Ameli but I can’t find where to do it, if at all.
I know this is probably a stupid question but do I have to post the thing to my local CPAM office?

Yep, just pop it in the post and they deal with it :wink:

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Thank you Andrew! I think I’m losing the plot as it’s so long since I’ve had to do anything like that, I’ve completely forgotten the process :slightly_frowning_face:

You used to be able to scan it, and send it to them. But that useful system stopped being possible last year. I have no idea why as I resent paying for a stamp and an envelope. Usually I wait until I go to big town and pop it in their letter box. You have a year to submit it.

That’s very reassurung, Jane. I was sure that I’d been able to scan it before but when I couldn’t find that option on their website, I thought I must have imagined it…