Can someone please explain how you are compensated back for payments made for medical appointments now we have a carte vitale?
And also how you claim for those made whilst you were waiting for carte vitale but with a temp social securlty number.

Were you given a paper/.document each time you paid for something while you had a temp ss number ? If you have such papers, you can take them along to your CPAM (or equivalent) office. Hand them the form (don’t forget to complete your details) and payment will arrive in your bank account at some point…:relaxed:

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Hi Margo

My wife and I got our Cartes Vitales about a year ago, by which time we had a small sheaf of invoices and receipts from our local doctor and some nurses who visited to give IV injections to my wife. After getting our cards we sent them all off by post and were quickly reimbursed by the State Health Insurance office, directly to our bank account. We also got confirmation letters throught the post.

Since we got our cards, any refunds due to us are paid into our accounts very promptly, usually in two or three days. We’re surprised how efficiently it works.

It also impresses me how quickly an ordonnance (prescription) is dispensed at our local pharmacy. A straightforward medicine is delivered within a minute of handing the prescription form over the counter. In UK it could often take at least 15-30 minutes to dispense. We recently requested an anti-shingles vaccine (very much a non-standard item) at our local surgery in a small rural town. Our GP ordered it through the local pharmacy at 3 pm in the afternoon, and it was available for collection there the following morning at 9 am. Fantastic service.

Hope you are also well served where you live. :smiley:

Yes, the Carte Vitale (or Carte Magique as I call it) system works extremely well.

Partner is with RSI auto entrepreneur so should they go there?

What does your partner’s RSI paperwork say …?? I’ve just googled RSI and it looks as if it is the middle of an upheaval…but not my area of knowledge…

Anyway, while you wait for the Carte Vitale…keep all your papers/bills/receipts for healthcare… and it cannot hurt to go to CPAM and talk through your situation…I reckon they will know what is going on with RSI much better than we do…and if they cannot help, the can certainly advise. :smile:

Not sure what you mean sorry. We have some brown forms from temp social security number and a card receipt from the dentist yesterday with carte vitale?

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Ah ok carte vitale we had yesterday when we went to dentist the other paperwork is all from prior

Hi Margo… yes, the brown forms will need to be completed and handed in…as I say, chat with CPAM… take all these brown papers with you…

Regarding the card-receipt you got with the CV at the Dentist yesterday…you will see an amount go into your bank from Social…and depending on your cover, another sum will go into your bank to cover the balance , or nearly.

Ah from mutuelle-so do you have to show them receipts?

Carte Vitale and Mutuelle should “talk” together via the computers… and the re-payments will be made automatically…no chasing should be necessary… but keep a weather eye open …it took me a while to have faith in the system. :blush:

Oh that is interesting!! Thank you!!

I always carry my Carte Vitale and Mutelle together…

When you produce CV… it is awful when they ask for the Mutuelle as well… and it’s in the other bag :frowning_face:

All a learning curve for us. At least we have a carte vitale now!!

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I’ve heard about the problems at RSI too, but we are receiving our reimbursements as normal from them.

Macron has declared that RSI is being shut down at the end of this year (good riddance)

Good news for some perhaps.
If anyone else on here is a translator / other prof lib currently with CIPAV for their pension, you might want to keep an eye on possible changes to pension arrangements which at present look rather worrying
(not that one can believe everything CIPAV says, but smoke and fire and all that)
Not sure if or how other micros / indépendents will be affected pension-wise by the demise of RSI.