Relocating business -HELP!

Dear Friends and fellow Francophiles, I run a successful small business in the UK and am relocating within the next couple of months to the sunny south and wish to continue my business there, which I believe lends itself perfectly to the area. I do not want to say too much about the business at this stage but it is in the catering industry.

What i am looking for is someone who can assist me to set up my business in return for a share of the profits. Obviously not a great deal to start with but I believe that there is a vast scope for expansion and would like someone who was willing to grow with me, and reap the rewards.

What type of person am I looking for ? well bi-lingual as my French is not up to speed, someone with use of a car, must have joie de vivre and be confident in themselves, honest , trustworthy and hard working . All further details will be discussed after I see how many replies I get and I have made my choice.

Area - Perpignan and south. Actually based near Le Boulou.

I thank you in anticipation of your interest.

Yours - Momentum

Roy just thought that you may have an idea on how I may develope my project…

or should I say generate some Uk publicity from DECENT publications etc.

I am close to St Emilion…

Hoping to bring life and money to the sleepy villages around here…

i have collected some of the talented people who live in 24/33

TO OFFER their expertise in creating a holday experience for those

who are concidering re-locating and setting -up buisness in specialised

areas of the leasure and service industry.

There is so much to tell you about the holiday

but a little about us is

which reflects our current buisness and our past life.

Hi Janet

Unfortunately Stephen is no longer on the forum so my comment doesn’t make a lot of sense… he had a thing about red hair dye etc! as for being macho, me… wife’s just gone off to work and I’m doing the school/nounou run before getting stuck into a translation which I’ll have to finish in time to go and pick the kids up again… working mainly from home and trying to be a “model modern husband” (which none of my partner’s family (french farmers) can understand!)

à +

now stop it Andrew - that is really not going to help!! Also very macho… what would your wife say

Hi, I am based in South West France, Near Bordeaux. I have a small business in the UK and have helped other businesses to start up. My background is in brand and business development, and marketing. I’m not sure on how logistics could work, but if you havent found a partner yet I would be interested to chat. Kind regards, Roy.

Fit the bill but too far away and way too busy with work/family etc. Bonne chance! and a freindly piece of advice that I’m sure you don’t need but make sure you’re aware of what being self-employed or running a business in France really involves… I’m not saying it’s horrendous compared to the UK but who invented the word bureaucracy…!!!

…and I’m sure they’ve got a lovely shade of lipstick that’ll suite you a treat Stephen, or even that wonderful red hair dye that only seems to exist in France :open_mouth:

Hi John

I think I can safely say we definitely don’t have all the answers but we are only up the A9 and very happy to have a talking-chat if you think it would be useful!

Miles ( is out this afternoon but I’ve sent you a direct message just in case.

(We are in the process of moving house so it’s a bit more frantic than usual chez-nous!)

Best wishes


Dear John
Thank you for posting. We all overreact at times and I am sure that suffering from cancer must be terribly stressful. No one meant any harm and if you hang around you will find that almost everyone on this site will go out of their way to be helpful and supportive, whether on a personal or professional level. Let’s all move on and hopefully you will find the person / people you are looking for.
I didn’t include it in this weeks newsletter as I hadn’t heard back from you and I ran out of time, but if you are still looking for someone, let me know and I will include it in the next issue.
Best wishes
Catharine x

Dear Catharine, thank you for your comments. As regards “throwing my toys out of the pram” I should like to apologize to anyone I have offended but I am under a great deal of pressure and stress. What with this country(the UK) being as bad as it has ever been and I am suffering from cancer, sometimes I do overreact to minor things. Hopefully when I do eventually get to France I will be able to semi relax and work on getting my business up and also recouperating.
Once again apologies to everyone.
John Dobson

Oh for goodness sake - you have had one flippant comment from Stephen and a couple of queries about your location. Personally I can’t imagine going into business with anyone who throws their toys out of the pram with so little cause.

It would be helpful if you were to give us which part of the sunny south you mean as my parents are near Aix en Provence and I am near Biarritz but both are sunny…
Apart from that I have all that you desire - bilingual, bubbly, honest etc
so write or call
+33 558 042 659
use this address
the honnour is all mine

Hi Barbara, Thanks for your reply but I have washed my hands of this site

Dear Peter, Thank you for the geography lesson. And here was I thinking that I had a house in France when it was really in Spain. In that case I had better look for the survive Spain web site and not bother with this one because it seems to be full of morons.

If you go any further south than Perpignan you’ll find yourself in Spain !

Bonne continuation.

John I think that we could/should talk
Barbara 0557474233
I have a buisness idea…COULD BE the same or
a bientot

Ignore those two John!
I’ve just included this in the newsletter too. Cx

glad everyone finds it so funny, but you know what they say - “HE WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS LONGEST”

Dear Stephen, I cant believe that I have had so many replies in such a short time. Anyway - many thanks for your reply and I can assure you that it is nothing to do with tupperware so if you are further interested I would be interested in what you have to say/offer.
Best Regards , John