Relocating from two countries - complex

We have hit a curly problem that has just reared its ugly head due to enquiry to shipping company.
We have household goods in the USA and NZ and wish to ship both to our new home in France. The US shipping company doesn’t think we can legally do this, without a long stay visa.
We cannot get a long stay visa for this year as we will not be in the country (France) long enough (between travels to US and NZ) to need one, or use one.
We dont want to pay VAT or import duties on our household items. One lot have been in storage in NZ for five years, the others in storage since Hurricane Irma in Sept last year (USA). Both lots are more than the required 12 months old, but I doubt we still have receipts for any of it. Anyone hit this problem before and overcome? Any advice? I have just sent a enquiry to the Consul in Miami, but would appreciate any advice from anyone with experience. Thanks