Relocation with adult daughter

Well it’s not worth arguing over, but for instance the SPI (set up course) became obligatory for artisan auto entrepreneurs in June 2014, which was long before the scheme was renamed to micro entrepreneur which didn’t happen until 2016.

gives a chronological summary of the major changes year by year since 2015, and of course there were lots of changes before that too.

Essentially, whatever you call it, it’s a simplified scheme that was launched in 2009 and has been tweaked every year since, and no doubt will continue to be.

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Hello, So I wonder if you can be under ME doing 1 course and be a Beautician and a Nanny ? all qualified declaring both revenues under 1 umbrella ?

To be honest I’m not crystal clear what activity it’s going to be, you’ve mentioned nanny and you’ve mentioned au pair, but what specific regulations you would come under, would depend what age children you’d be looking after and in what context. I believe that to look after under-3s as an “assistante maternelle” you need to be agrée, but you’d need to check this, I’m no expert. In principle it is possible to combine different activities within one micro entreprise but again it’s something to check with an official advisor. Most combinations of activities are acceptable, a few are seen as incompatible, and some combinations are possible but not advisable. Live-in au pair would be complicated though because normally part of your remuneration is in the form of accommodation.

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its all very different and the only way your going to get a 100% answer is by applying for it.

They will tell you what you need to register as and we can speculate all day bit for the most part our info may be right or wrong but don’t relly upon it and think but so and so said this.

Only the registration office will be able to tell you exactly what you are registering as.

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if your a live in nanny they the people whose house you live in pay cotisations for that worker. takes about 4 months to fil lin all the paperwork but most dont.