Remembrance Sunday

OK, it's not often I appeal on behalf of the British way of life but I am today. If anyone would like to sell poppies on behalf of the British Legion in France please contact me for details of how to obtain the poppies in France. I attend the French ceremony every year with my kids who although fairly French wear their poppy with pride, it creates a talking point with the locals.

I work as a tour guide and just this week I had a Jewish Polish/American client who was in born in a displaced persons camp in Germany just after the war. It came up in conversation and he said that his parents never discussed the Holocaust but we both agreed that although that generation never mentioned it, it was vitally important that today's generation do discuss it. To forget is to pretend it never happened, to remember will help it to not happen again. Please show your support for the British Legion and all the wars that our soldiers fight for us.

Hi June, I contacted the British Legion France and they sent me this reply

We have plenty of the “Little remembrance crosses” which we could send you. These are 17.5cm x 9.5cm – wooden with a single poppy at centre. Designed to be “planted” in front of a grave. Cost nothing except a donation for postage.

If you want a larger cross shaped wreath of poppies, we don’t do them, but could send round wreaths suitable for laying – cost about €40. Please advise when you have the answer. There are 10 branches of RBL in France;

Here are the contact details of the guy I have been dealing with and also the link to the British Legion France it's probably best to contact him direct, he seems very helpful.

Hello Tracy, I am afraid I cannot help you to sell the poppies this year but I would like to buy two of the wooden crosses. 1 for a young British Soldier in our local churchyard and one for next year plus a few poppies to wear on my coat (one at a time!). Is it possible to buy them for you. Would you be able to post them to me? I live in 61800 (Tinchebray). Perhaps you could tell me whether this is possible and how much it would cost. If you do not have a price I would be very happy to send a donation to you in return for the crosses and poppies. Perhaps you could let me know. Thanks very much & good luck with your sales this yeaar.

Hi Tracy - I'm going to pass this on to a group I know and will get back to you as I absolutely agree, it is vital that we never forget - x