Remembrance: What colour Poppy for you? Le Bleuet de France

(Pam Thompson) #41

My late father (career soldier) thought the same as you. Hated the man and thought of ‘Bomber Harris’ the same.

(Pam Thompson) #42

harsh on him/ This is the man who, before the war, when talking about striking (and starving) Welsh miners who said : “they are complaining about their empty bellies, well fill them with lead if they don’t go back to work”(Making profits for my wealthy mine owning chums).

(Pam Thompson) #43

Why would we be speaking German? Are you saying that if a country wins a war, the country they beat has to adopt their language? Is that why so many countries in the world speak English because we plundered and murdered our way around the globe? When Germany invaded France, did the native French suddenly have to stop speaking French? When the channel islands were invaded, did the German army suddenly outlaw the speaking of English?
Your remark is not only bloody stupid but ignorant. Frankly, I grew up in Germany and yes, I speak German. Given the way the Plutocratic UK is run and the shitshambles that is Brexit, being done to protect the wealthy elite, I would rather be speaking German.

(Pam Thompson) #44

You really need to forget what you were taught at school and what you read in the Daily Mail.
Dresden was bombed even though the British military knew there was no military installation there and knew there were only POW and civilians.

(Chris Kite) #45

SSAFA and the RBL support the same thing. What’s the problem. It’s a day of remembrance, not patriotism.

(Teresa Shipley) #46

You’re being a little bit harsh. If people choose to buy a poppy and wear it then it’s not for you to question their motives. Mine is simply to raise money for what I perceive as a good cause. I only ever think of war as a waste of life but the ex service men and women are badly let down by UK government.
Also please remember that whilst you may have relevant experience of service life and conflict it doesn’t make you the arbiter of what is right or wrong.

(Mark Robbins) #47

Wow, so you know what would happen if Germany had actually won the conflict, not just in the occupied territories. I’ve got no idea, it was a metaphor, but then again I’m ignorant and stupid.

You come across as a bit of a german sympathizer, as far as the “war” is concerned. Do you deny the holocaust ever took place too?

(Pam Thompson) #48

a ‘German sypathiser’ . You make it sound like a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ like German people are evil or something. You were the one who commented that we would all be speaking German . So are you now saying that you haven’t a clue what you were talking about and simply uttered something meaningless? I’m not sure whether being a human being who likes other human beings no matter what colour, creed, race, or nationality, can be considered to be abnormal, or an abhorration, if it does, I suppose I am abnormal.
Being born into an army family and travelling the world, meeting people and living in different countries, plus having a German born mother, might make me tolerant of others though. It’s a family thing. Cousin lives in Denmark with a Danis wife, brother lives in France, Dad left army and went to live in Spain, son married to an Italian woman and I was married to a half Burmese man

(Mark Robbins) #49

I was being polite

(Pam Thompson) #50

You were?

(Helen Wright) #51

I think I’m a human being sympathiser too Pam…x :slight_smile:

The phrase I remember most from learning German in school is…ich Ilebe dich…:heart:

(stella wood) #52

A partir d’aujourd’hui et jusqu’au 11 novembre, les bénévoles du Bleuet de France font appel à votre générosité en faveur des anciens combattants d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

N’hésitez pas également à porter le Bleuet de France !

(Jane Williamson) #53

I never read the Daily Mail.

(Jan Burgess) #54

TODAY, the 11th, I’m wearing a red poppy for history and a white poppy for the future. I’m also wearing a cornflower one, the French equivalent.

(David Martin) #55


(Jan Burgess) #56

HA! tomorrow

Between Brexit & Trump I feel definitely disoriented!!

(stella wood) #57

Glad to find that France does understand the Red Poppy too…