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I just came across this site. It’s really good for looking at how land use has changed over the years.


And here’s a link to what I think is the site to which Fleur referred.


Sorry, I thought the url in the title would be sufficient… Thanks Brian ! That’s it.

Thanks @Fleur and @_Brian I was hoping it might go back to Napoleonic times. :grin:

I’ve gone back to the 50s - amazing to see how small all the fields were and the patchwork strips of land.

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I can’t get it to show my area in both sides… getting a bit dizzy…

Arrows / slider in the middle of the page. Move to right to see old image. Move to left to see all new.

Me too! I would like to go back further…

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I can do that Sue but what I can’t do is have them looking at the same area side-by-side. Can anyone else do that?

I thought some of the maps did :thinking:

We have non-digitised maps that are much older, and one can get, for example, the Cassini maps on screen. With some of these it’s interesting ti try to work put what’s where.

Can’t get this one to show our area!:upside_down_face:

Glad it’s not just me! I had to pick a neighbouring town and move the modern map across and down but unfortunately the older map didn’t really follow suit…

Yes Angela. At the top right of the screen there’s a green “Comparer” button. If you click on that you can then choose side by side and other views. But the modern map is narrower than the old one so it’s a bit difficult to get both on the screen. Thinks : Perhaps it’s time to look at getting a bigger screen !


Yes I can. Sorry if it’s not working for you. Maybe choose another LD?

This is us on the right now and the left the surrounding land 1950.

Our property is on the Cassini maps. I’ve posted this before. IGN do the Cassini maps but the best for clarity and detail and sheer magnification are those on David Rumsey’s website:

His collection is superb and all available to look at online for free.


Vire in 1950 is still a bombsite :slightly_frowning_face: