Removal companies to the UK

We are living in the North East of France (Alsace) and are thinking of returning to live in the UK (Sussex) permanently. Can anyone suggest some professional and trustworthy British removal companies please ? Moving back home after Brexit will no doubt present new challenges with the customs’ authorities… Many thanks in advance for your kind suggestions.

My son and family moved back to France from Cambridge last October. They used Whites, a reputable company but weren’t too impressed with the service. They may just have been unlucky.

Have you tried consolidators?
They have lists of companies they regularly use and you get a better price.

We moved over from UK in May last year and used a company called Dennis’s Removals. They are based in Swindon, so a little bit out of the way from Surrey but not massively. They accommodated our move with very little notice after another company dropped us in it… and combined it with a job going from Bordeaux to UK, so we could split the costs. They were absolutely fantastic from start to end - I highly recommend them.

Hi try ringing Neil @ European Removals we used them in January and they were really efficient and helpful especially with the documentation
0044 2080386644