Removal company or man and van

I know this has been on here before but I would really appreciate some recommendations from everyone.

We are moving back to the UK next month and need all our detritous taken over. We are happy to have a removal company take it or even several part loads by "man & van". The property at the other end is empty so can take our stuff anytime.

Does anyone have any ideas? The removal company we used to move out here 2 years ago have quoted us double what we paid then!

Great, glad you got sorted out anyway. How was he anyway - ages since we spoke.


FM Transport

Tel: +44 (0) 1 582 499 836

Mob: +44 (0) 7 977 754 389


Please mention SFN if you speak to him :)



Try emailing We have used him a couple of times and he is truly excellent. Large van + trailer if necessary. Extremely helpful and very reliable - and reasonably priced. HOWEVER he is very busy and you may wait a couple of days for a reply because he seems to be always on the road! Hope this helps

Hi, I know that Minters of Deal often have empty lorries going back and quite like to fill them up:

Give them a bell 01304 615331 / 01304 374488 and if you speak with Kevin Fisher, please feel free to mention my name.

Hope this helps