Removal from France to Scotland?

I know there are hundreds of searches I can do - and I am, I am!!!
But just wanted any personal recommendations, if there are any, for a house removal from South of France to Scotland?
(I realise i should probably be posting this on the sister site “Survive Scotland”…)
thanks loves, Teresa

When I moved over here I used a firm from Brighton, that were very good…their name, however, escapes me.
So good, in fact, that they moved my wife back to UK, some years later.
Other than that, I used to use Hedley’s Humpers, who were at the time around Park Royal (if memory serves.) It appears now though, that they have an office in France.
George White is a firm that several people I know, have used in the past.

Two movers with top-notch reputations are Clark & Rose, based in Porlethen, near Aberdeen, and Shore Porters, in Aberdeen itself. I was going to use Clark & Rose for my move to south-west France and stored stuff with them for years in anticipation! In the end, I used a man with big van but I’m not sure this saved me any money over the Clark & Rose quote. Shore Porters have been operating since the 1700s, so they must be doing something right. I’ve had previous experience with both of them for local moves and they’re excellent. The only potential problem with an international move is waiting for one of their trucks to be going in the right direction unless you have a full load, although I think both have alliances with other operators. Worth a call. Good luck.

We have used Schepens ( twice now, once from Switzerland to Ireland and then Ireland to France. Top service, not cheap but extremly diligent and reliable.

thanks so much Al - i’ll give them both a try for quotes - good to know!

thanks Roger - very helpful - i’ll get a quote from them. Goodness, Ireland to France must have been fun. My husband’s from Leixlip outside of Dublin and I remember it’s quite a haul if you’re driving - goodness only knows what moving would cost!

18 K. 2 removal trucks and 4 guys.

I thought my removal was expensive 6 k from Sweden and the distance is allot further than irland are they not ferry’s going from irland to France?

think about selling bulky replaceable items - can cost more to shjp than to buy new! beds, wardrobes, suites, dining tables, chirs, fridges, kitchen euip,poys, pans etc; books, music -much easily replaced free rrom youtube etc

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Can any one suggest a way or know of an organisation to bring an oak open fronted corner display unit from Yorkshire to Northern Brittany sometime in February…dimensions 6’6"" tall each side 20"