Removals In, To and From France


For the last nine years I have run and operated Three years ago I set up a French Sister company to "ET" called

Aside from trying to find clients the best possible deal on their removals we also offer free and impartial advice on the entire removals process, which I am more than happy to continue with here! I still write articles for various publications on "removals" and so far although not infallible, I usually get it right!

Please feel free to contact me on the forum and when I have time I WILL get back to you.

Good lord, you're fast! Excellent. When I get home I'll have a look at the website. It's my own fault for living on a rock in the middle of the Med. Maybe I'll only pack the 6 year old, a kettle and a loo roll. Everything else we can buy over time when we get there.


We cover removals to and from anywhere!!

However to be honest Malta is not an easy one!!

Please visit and complete the (short) form that is there.

Jenny will give you a ring tomorrow !!

Best regards


Hi Peter. I wasn’t sure which of your sites to check out (I’m at work so have to do things very quickly) so I thought I would simply ask you direct. So much easier. Do you only do transport removals between the UK and France, or would Malta perhaps be included in your world travels? My son and I are hoping to move at the end of next summer, before the new school year starts. We will be leaving much of the furniture here but as you will know only too well taking “only the clothes, bedding and a saucepan” could automatically fill half a truck. Then there’s the dog, two cats, a 6 year old… Anyway, back to the point: please can you let me know if you have geographical limitations. Many thanks. Valerie