Removing Good Chaux

(Richard Dubieniec) #1

I’ve just purchased a 15th c property in which, I’m told, a medieval wall constructed with timber ‘crois de St Andre’ was rendered with chaux. This is in perfect condition, and I want advice on removing it, and avoiding damage to the underlying history. Any advice gratefully considered…

(Nick Ord) #2

Don’t forget that if your property is in a conservation area, you will need to consult with the ABF (Architecte de Batîments de France) before any alteration to the façades.

(Jo Blick) #3

I was fascinated by this question so I googled "how to remove lime layer on old timber construction"
and I got these links plus hundreds more…your answer must be here somewhere!

(jayne watkins) #4

Have you got any pictures? Why would you want to remove it? A bit more detail would be necessary to give you proper advice I think…