Remparts Angoulême

It’s this weekend. Always interesting especially if you’re into older cars. Unfortunately I’m not taking part this year :frowning: but will be spectating.


Oh yes, David… it is a wonderful weekend. We won’t be there either, not this year… maybe next…

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Only a few photos… but they do take us back to those early days…

This shows the route that the Rallye Prestige will be following today.

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Years ago when we did this for the first time… oh my… that was a wonderful experience…

Of course, it was always fun… but(as with so many things) the first time was extra-special :relaxed:

The return… after all that food and booze, booze and more booze… was amazing, with the Gendarmes guarding all crossroads and waving us on through… hic… hic…

Are you going on the Rallye David, @Aquitaine ??

This was us in 2004… …


I’m going as a spectator, I ve taken part for the past few years but wasn’t sure back in July if I’d have a suitable car. I took the vintage Ford last year but the route was a bit too long and complicated in it and despite not having any problems I was very relieved to get back to Angoulême safely! Unfortunately the route isn’t published until a few days before the event because this year’s route would have been perfect for it.


Even as a spectator…the whole thing is great fun… :relaxed:

The “joy” of any classic… is the uncertainty… of whether or not one will actually “arrive”… or when… :wink::relaxed:


David… did you get to Angoulême… ???

TR4a? My uncle had one but not as nice as yours :grinning:

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Yes. I went to Rouillac first to watch the Rallye pass by then went into Angoulême town centre. There were some beautiful cars around.

image image


@Aquitaine : Thanks David… lovely photos… and magnificent cars… :relaxed:

@anon7138442 : Thanks David Wren… Yes, ours was a 1965 TR4A (LHD/solid axle, imported from California)… we did thousands of KM’s across France, Spain and Portugal… then sold it in 2014 due to health problems…

Happy memories… :relaxed:

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Sad news

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Another accident…

Great photos…

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