Render Costs

Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much rendering an external stone wall might cost? How much per square metre?

Lime and Cement (OPC) makes a very good mortar for new work concrete blocks, bricks etc

The cement gives the rapid early set and allows for speed in construction the lime gives the elasticity flexibility and self healing

But never use it for conservation/restoration as even if the "hardness" does not harm the masonry the salts in OPC will

I've read in various places that lime and cement are not a good why is most of the Chaux being sold contain cement?

For the best info on Lime for rendering in English see

Most of the products marked Chaux in France are not Lime but Lime Based containing Cement (OPC) or pozzalans

Only use products marked NHL NOT HL

The best are from CESA ST Astier

Thanks John. Good points!

Please make sure that lime mortar is used! - And use 'local' sand, not the pre-bagged generic stuff many will try to sell you. A topic that has been covered here many times before.

I have recently surveyed a house where the "developer" (an Anglo-Saxon) had smeared a thick render coat of cement all across the front elevation of a pretty little 19th century house. Result: damp walls at all levels; advanced insect attack on first floor and roof support timbers; wet and dry rot to ground and cellar and a carpet of snail shells in the latter. Ground floor supports beyond economic repair and a full internal replastering required........ buyer had the sense to walk away! Makes one want to weep; the rot will quite literally eat the house in fairly short order.

Try a few test patches at different ratios (lime : sand) to find a tone you like / sits well in the building's setting.

Full coverage is a more straightforward and less highly-skilled job so find someone with well-developed arm muscles and discuss on a day rate basis + materials. Usual caveats about references, previous jobs, insurance etc..... and avoid 'the black' - it does nothing to help immigrant communities like us to fit in.

Hi Hilary,

So is this price for repointing the stonework, rather than rendering over the wall? What I'm after is the wall completely rendered over so that all the stonework is covered. Nice and smooth finish. I'm assuming that pre-pointing the stonework won't be necessary as it will be covered.

If I'm right thats about 46 euro per m2 (I add that I am doing this on the back of a hula hoop packet with 3 kids shouting in earshot). That's a good price but probably as you are helping you've removed the cost of the second pair of hands.

Hi Bob,

My local handyman/plumber/builder has quoted me approx. 700 euros to help me (working alongside as a novice), remove the crumbling old crepie, to expose the old & varied stone & brick and repoint with light tinted lime mortar, on an area roughly 9ft x 18ft.

Have only had the one quote in, so have nothing yet to compare this with....

Hi Bob, I've seen prices between 30 & 100 euro HT on french forums. It depends on how you want it rendered? Is the rest of your house lime rendered? a la chaux? or ciment rendered (ciment)

TVA is 5% on this type of work.

Have a look at this for info Ravalement de la facade

Do you have any major cracks which need treating with reinforcement? I've seen stone houses in Languedoc being re-done and they clean it off completely back to stone, treat any lezardes (cracks) cracks and then apply usually 3 coats of chaux (lime) render.

Lime itself isn't expensive but its the labour that is involved that takes the time (and one has to be careful not to get burnt of course). I don't know how much of a DIYer you are or if that's possible?

When comparing quotes try to make sure you know what they are proposing to do and that you have the guarantee decennale. Even local people here have been caught out by having their facade re-done only to find 2 years later it has cracked and they have had to claim on the insurance.