Rendering/ crepe

once this weather clears up my next big job is to render all my outside walls, they are all concrete blocks, I am sure there is a bag of lime and cement mix that you just add to white sand that will do the job. But I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone advise me what to look for please

Following John there. Weber.rend OCR is a single coat, neutral coloured base coat render that lets your walls breathe, avoid cement because it seals damp in and encourages salt deposits to ooze out of the stone work, assuming you have stone and not modern brick. Either way, white lime and coarse(ish) sand make the nicest, 'breathing' finish. That is our 2016 summer job. We helped a friend do some of his new build last summer, weber plus lime render worked wonderfully.

Weber render, lime and cement are bad partners together, one or the other but Weber out performs them.