Rendezvous aux jardins this weekend

I'm a garden novice and I thought about learning about gardening from a distance learning course as I live in France but instead I learn from magazines, books and looking at other people's gardens. I also am lucky to have a French neighbour who's become my unofficial mentor. I visit gardens in France and attend workshops and demonstrations (I don't understand the words so much but I watch carefully!) - this weekend is the Rendezvous aux jardins in France when lots of private and public gardens open to the public and put on events - thought other gardening lovers in France might be interested to know about it

If anyone has done a distance learning course in France I'd love to know how it went? Best wishes, Janine

Hi Janine

The use of commercial linking to your own business is limited to your profile page on SFN. I've edited your post and removed the link. Sorry about that!

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That's fine Colin, just as long as you don't include a link.



Hi Janine,

We are based in central France, offering 90 different courses by distance learning in horticulture, gardening, garden design, etc., together with a small selection of residential courses. We are rather proud of being the only educational establishment in mainland Europe offering the full range of RHS courses.

I know SFN do not like blatent adverts such as this but I hope this is acceptable as a straight answer to a simple question!

Best regards and good luck with your gardening,