Renewing French driving licence

I swapped my UK licence for a French one 5 years ago because I am a French resident and 70 years old.
I only wanted category B (for a car) and not all the others on my UK one. I stated this on the form but they insisted I have a medical and included all the categories, and with a 5 year duration. OK I thought. But now, five years on I want to renew and it’s looking like the same again. The procedure is now online. I cannot see a way of getting the unwanted categories deleted… Any ideas anyone please.

The old paper licences issued before 2013 are valid until January 2033. The new plastic card licence is valid for 15 years for categories A and B. The extra categories require a medical and are valid for only 5 years. My paper licence dates from 2011. The extra categories were included then because the UK licence had them and we thought they could be useful. They are listed on the licence but are now lapsed which is no problem. So you have 10 years before you need a new licence as long as you don’t want to renew those categories.

When I changed my licence nearly 5 years ago I got a plastic one and it stated the duration was 5 years when it started 5 years ago. I know that category B is for 15 years without medical, and with additional categories it’s 5 years and needs a medical. I have to renew it in the next 3 months. My question is how to get the extra unwanted categories taken off. The ANTS online form does not offer this option, and there doesn’t seam to be anyone there to do anything about it.

I’m sure I read somewhere… that folk having a problem with computer systems… could get help at the Prefecture… :thinking:

I wish - Cahors (dept 46) Prefecture is definitely closed for licences and it must be done online. I don’t have a problem using computer systems, it’s just that there is nowhere on the system to alter the categories during the application process. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe their computer system is still too new for this and has yet to be perfected. Either way, how do I reach someone who has a solution?

Sorry Richard… did not mean to imply that you were no au fait with computers… it is just that the Prefectures are supposed to help those folk who cannot do (whatever) on the computer… perhaps you can at least ask them the question…which you are asking us… :thinking:

Thanks Stella, I should have said, I have been to the Prefecture and asked (in French), but they say they no longer have the staff to deal with this and I must do it online, and all the FAQ and answers are there - except not for changing categories, sadly

Perhaps I’m missing something! I believe all the plastic card licences are valid for 15 years. The extra categories are valid for 5 years. As I see it, just like my paper licence, it doesn’t matter that the extra categories are still included on the card if you never want to drive that category of vehicle.

I believe you can phone ANTS

34 00

Du lundi au vendredi de 7h45 à 19h et le samedi de 8h à 17h

Coût d’un appel local
… might be worth a try…

(but figure out what you want to ask before you ring… with all your information to hand…)

On the front of my French driving licence it states start date 08-01-2014 and expire date 08-01-2019 but on the back categories A and B have no expire date but C-D-BE-C1E-D1E all expire 08-01-2019 which is a bit confusing and I am not sure if I have to re-new it.
Any Ideas please Fleur?

Mine is the same as Michael’s, my dates are from 11/04/2014 with an expiry date 11/04/2019, expiry date shown on the plastic card as number 4b “expire le”. My take is cat B goes on for ever, but the licence must be renewed for the reason “fin de validite du permis”. I have checked and we are talking 5 years not 15 to renew the validation if you want extra categories and you take a medical and renew for another 5 years. But I want only B and for 15 years and no medical. I have got to the completed stage on ANTS which is when they sent a (no reply) message to say I need a medical. I still don’t see how to tell them I only want B. Have sent a message but no response. No phone contact available as far as I can see.

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I found this on tha ANTS site yesterday… by much digging…

The telephone number 3400 takes you to a vocal for the Ministry de l’Interieur… tap 1 for carte grise, tap 2 for permis de conduire… etc etc

got to be worth a try…

Thanks Stella, I’ll try that

Who did you check with Richcc, just been on the website and it says all card licences issued after 2013 are valid for 15 years for certain gatagries.

All sources I have found state the validity as 15 years for categories A and B. But they then go on to say the validity is 5 years for C and D. So it is not clear whether the whole permis is invalid after 5 years when it includes category C. On the face of it, it is and it must be renewed by the date in 4b. On the ANTS system there is a question early on asking whether a medical is needed, ‘Oui’ ou ‘Non’. Does answering ‘Non’ make a difference? Sorry I can’t get any further in answering your question - you need to ring someone who knows. From the lack of information available it almost seems that you are never expected to renounce category C !

As anybody got a link to the licence renewal website, could it be . CERFA 14882-01?

A big thank you for that Richard and also for posting in the first place which brought to my attention about the 5 year validity of our license I had got it in my head that my licence was valid for 15 years and have not looked at it to check, it as been in the back of my wallet since I received it nearly 5 years ago.
Please let us know how you get on with your inquiry and in the meantime I need to get my head around the task of applying for a new one.

Just finished my online application and all went through ok but I did press no at the beginning when it asked about a medical certificate.

I did exactly the same, including “no” to the medical, and it said it was accepted. All was well until about 3 or 4 days later when I received a message requesting a medical!!!
Good luck with yours. Keep comparing notes please. I’m off to the prefecture again as Stella suggested.

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