Renovation help: live in DIY buddy?


I had posted elsewhere out my ‘walls challenge’ : now I know what I want to do and how to proceed. Low budget, no professional skills nor machinary needed. However loooooong work to come.

I have decided to remove, break all the plaster coating in my living room (there is a glue layer now that I have nearly removed the plastic lino like wall ‘paper’ that is why this is the best option to get round this glue which is bery hard to remove), thanks to youtube videos : drill holes everywhere, hit the wall sideway with my ax and watch with satisfaction the plaster flaking off. Then apply layers of ‘chaux’ or limewash and that’s it. However that will take a lot of physical work. I am on my own anfd have never done anything like this before.

As I am a woman living on my own, the prospect of publishing an add on a woofing or some similar group is daunting.

I would really like a DIY woman to come and stay with me, and do the work with me, free meals, free accommodation. There are countless groups offering this kind of exchange (“chantiers participatifs” or " logement contre services" on social media but I don’t feel …I can feel confident enough…to post there).

One of the reasons for my hesitating is that the other person would sleep 2 meters from my bedroom and the house is really small. Unless she is fine with sleeping in a bedroom located in a grange, but the only bathroom (shower, I mean as there are toilets)is here in the house.

Who would welcome a total stranger in their house in close proximity to their bedroom …? I think not many women.

And I cannot hire ’ maçons ’ as there is no budget for that and the work while being doable by most people is time consuming therefore would mean a big bill…

I live in the Ariège.

If anybody has any Idea?

Many thanks.

Maybe find a strong boyfriend with building skills…? :smile:

Surely a bedroom is a bedroom… and if there’s one in the grange that seems the best idea to me.
That way you both have your own private space.

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What would worry me is if there is an accident involving the “help” especially a serious one. Who is responsable and who would end up being sued if it turned nasty. Having been married to a professional builder, I have seen serious accidents involving home owners doing DIY and even our own employees having work accidents and all the paperwork that caused. Do you have any family that could help with the heavy stuff but again, be careful. Sorry to be a ray of gloom but you have to consider all aspects of having a total stranger living in your home especially in this day and age, you don’t know who is out there, even females and you need to check carefully they know the trades.