We did the same with our huge tobacco barn!!!

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Good luck with your renovation!

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This barn is right in front of my house and will disappear soon – the roof is gone now, the rest sooner or later. The front wall, with the arch, is curved – an attractive curved frontage - which is unusual, or is it?

Half of it housed hay and livestock – the other half a large room with a big decorated stone fireplace and a large glazed door & window. I’ve sat in this room in the gloom cross-legged with the neighbours, on sacks, snapping roots from large potatoes spread right across the floor. At the rear, where the chimney is, there’s a big stone staircase leading up to another large room full of hanging onions, and so much other small agricultural stuff!

I used to sit on the top of the stairs at the back looking up at the stars – a way of life all gone now!

I’d like to preserve this barn as a 3D digital image, as it used to look in its heyday. There’s enough still standing plus some photographs to produce a digital agricultural memory. A digital renovation.

Could that be done? Maybe architectural students. Maybe a word with the mayor?

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