Rental gite/ ground floor herault

Hello, i am looking for a property near roujan area of france within maybe 40 mins drive.
I am alone and quiet, I have my grandson over 3 nights a aweek.
I leave france on the beginning of October.
Cash available.

I am intrigued with your sad tale…

How did you end the lease for the property you currently rent for 600 a month… ??

Hello, I just pay month by month I don’t have a lease.thank goodness

Ah… so it’s a friendly arrangement then…that’s probably why they are lazy in putting things right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s always best to sign a rental agreement of some sort… that way everyone knows what is expected…

Thanks for asking the question Stella as I was also intrigued… Susan, I realise that you want to rent somewhere ‘in the South’ for all sorts of personal reasons, but I am shocked, and out of touch, by the rental prices. We have an accquantice in our little part of rural France who is renting a 2 bed appartment, with a huge grenier for stockage ( let by her commune ) in a pretty little village here for 150 euros a month all charges included. Not electricity of course … Gosh how times, and prices, change :frowning:

Hello, i am in a more sought after area as it is very hot here.
If i look further up to the Pyrenees it is a lot cheaper.
Rental is all inclusive and furnished.
They are holiday lets in the summer, then winter lets.
Where is your friend? Maybe it is colder there.