Rental Income on Property in France

Friends of mine live and work in the UK, but have a property in France. They have asked me, if they rent the French property out on a long term (permanent) basis, do they have to pay any tax on that income in France, or can they just declare it in the UK?

I'm not looking for a debate on whether the French tax system is better or worse than another btw, just would like some practical advice for them.


Thanks Andrew, Thanks Barbara. Yes knew about both of those, the unfurnished v furnished thing. It's more the level of taxation they need to find out - as it could be the make or break whether they rent the place to me or not.

But thanks anyway guys

You probably know this but the non holiday rental in France is for a 3 year period. I belive thet the Renter

can give notice but not the owner. My French friend had tenenats from hell....and they made her unhappy

causing all sorts of problems.

It was very dramatic at the time.

She had to declare that she was selling to get them out...and, of course she had to follow that through.

She was sad but it was all resolved with the help of her jeridique insurance cover.

Nick, make them aware of things like the trêve hivernale and other rights strongly in favour of the locataire! Post in the long lets perhaps too for better feed back from those in the know ;-)

Thanks Jane

Your friends could do no better than log on to the letters from the French Property Newsletter.

This is a serious site with up to date professional advice on all aspects of french property, taxes, social charges and legal matters.

Thanks Jane, do you happen to know what level the tax is at?

If they have an income in France they have to declare it here. Because of the dual tax-treaty they will not be taxed twice on the same income.