Rental needed

Looking for house to rent mid/late March for 3 months in Midi Pyrenees region, possibly Lot, Tarn and Garonne, while we search for house to buy. Anyone able to help with this and accommodate our 2 dogs and 3 cats we can provide impeccable references. Thank you

Hello Katherine

I did send email address but not received anything further from you, are you able to send p


Hi Nina,

Send me your email address and I'll email you some photos and tell you all about house.


Hi Katherine,

Yes, any help gratefully received. Hope house sale is going through by mid/late March and then we can


Hi, I have a house a little out of your search area in the north of the Tarn, not far from Tarn et Garonne. It has a secure garden for the dogs and cats. It is currently empty so there would be no problem with start or end dates.Let me know if you would like more information.

Hi Nina,

Thank you for your reply.

The garden is enclosed & animal friendly.

I'll send you more details a bit later & perhaps some pics if you would like?

Thank you Gail just waiting to finalise things here so cannot commit just yet. Can you send me more information? Our most important criteria is that animals are safe.

Nina, I have a large house in a small village near Beaumont de Lomagne in Tarn et Garrone that might meet your needs. It's almost fully furnished, with a modern fully fitted kitchen, central heating etc, with plenty of garden space and a pool as well as a fantastic view. Reply if you want more details.

Thanks, we have a couple of possibles but just want to widen our search. It’s a tricky one
I know. Fingers crossed.

Hi Nina. There is also a page dedicated to property that you will find here.

If you put your request on that page as well, it will probably do no harm.

Good luck in your quest.

Me thinks you are going to struggle with this one Nina, would you find any where in the UK to accommodate your requirement just for 3 months it is no different here in france but hey good luck.