Rental Rant!

So we’re trying to rent somewhere in Canary Wharf close to where my hubbie is going to be working for a good few months. Firstly I’ve learnt the difference between Short Term & Long Term Lets isn’t just the period of time, its a horrifically expensive difference in price…so 6m minimum rent it is then!

Secondly, that most of the websites advertising properties are out of date & those properties don’t exist on the rental market any more. Each one I ask about is ‘already let, sorry our website is out of date’. Sorry is just not good enough when I’ve spent every spare minute between caring for my girls scanning your sites.

Thirdly, that when you do find an apartment & you offer the price, the landlord is a crafty beggar and comes back asking for more money. I’m not buying the damn thing, I’m renting it. You set the price in the first place, so stupid.

Finally, that the agency acting as intermediary will try to add: 1st holding deposit, 2nd holding deposit, security deposit (6 weeks rent) administration fee (1 weeks rent), non-refundable cancellation fee (2 weeks rent)…etc etc. Ridiculous. Whatever happened to paying Deposit, sign contract…pay rent…job done?

Enough already. I have a headache. AND WE THINK FRENCH BUREAUCRACY IS BAD!