Renting in Bordeaux - Part 2

Hello Peeps,

Part two of our search for permanent accommodation looms and i'm again seeking a bit of advice.

Read a previous thread on letting / renting on here, which did two things.

First it lambasted UK landlords as being money grabbing chancers (for the most part), and immobilieres as charging the earth to renters and paying measly rents to landlords!

Not a great start to our hunt as we had identified UK landlords and immobilieres as our major potential sources of property! LOL

So to whom should we turn?

If there are any UK landlords out there with property to rent in Bordeaux - we would really like to hear from you. Happy to conduct negotiations in English, but would want the contract, etc., signed up at the local notaire.

If anyone knows a French landlord who again rents property in Bordeaux, then an introduction would be great (and Catharine i know you have said you will speak with your daughter's landlady when next in Bordeaux - thank you)

We have also recognised this further group of particulaires? Private rentals i think. How do we find these people? We have the Sud Ouest paper and website, and several other immobiliere sites, but can't find one for private sales in the area.

Having (almost, almost) got a french bank account after 3 weeks of trying, we are now really keen to get on and find a permanent dwelling so we can get out of the Park and Suites short term accommodation we are in now.

We are looking to pay up to €900-950 for the right property, a T3 or T4 house or low-rise apt in Bordeaux.

So any lets, knowledge of lets, pointing in the right direction, would be welcome.

Shaun and Ness x

Thank you, have found loads of really nice places on these two sites, waiting for emails back to arrange viewings! :-)

Hi both,

I've had a look at those properties on leboncoin and one looks promising, so thanks. I must admit though I'm not getting on very well with the website, I enter my search parameters and when I click search it just returns me to the screen with the map of the departments on! I'm obviously doing something wrong, I just don't know what!

Have you looked at

I've just had a look and found a few. Here they are.