Renting in France!

I hope someone can help with advice here! My son has found a job in St Emillion as a night receptionist. We live near Brantome so the journey is too far to travel up and down everyday. It cost 50€ a day.So we started looking for apartments in St emilion, Libourne area.My son phoned a few up in leboncoin and explained his situation that he had a CDD contract for six months and would they except the contact when renting. One agent said yes so we went ahead a looked at the flats and chose one. A few days later the agent wanted to have a guarantee from us. Problem starts because my husband has a micro-enterprise and I am an artists,so he lost the apartment.

If we cant find a solution for this he will have to leave his job. We really need some help here and would appreciate any ideas or advice.

Thank you


Another stupid idea ;-) if you son is not too fussy, why not buying or renting from someone a camping trailer? You can sell it later but he can save more and has made independent work experience. When you are young you can go through this with a trailer.

Thanks Theo, yes we have already asked his employer! but no answer from him as yet! Yes its a seasonal contract. Yes maybe a advert in the leboncoin might bring something.

Thanks again for your help,


sorry if you think its a stupid idea, but have you considered to engage the employer? Its the CDD and the other facts you are mentioning which often stops people to be willing to rent, plus just 6 month (if hotel, its seasonal...?) , plus involving an agent. Also I would quick post my own advert in leboncoin its so cheap.