Renting out a barn/hall for functions such as weddings

Does anyone have any experience on what is required to rent out a hall/barn for functions such as weddings.

Points to be clarified are how many toilets are needed.

Does it have to have disabled access.

What kind of insurance is required.

What fire regs are needed

If alcohol is to be only provided and served by the caterers do you need a licence.

Any other major things that need to be taken into consideration.

Has anyone set up a business like this and can you pass on any tips and pointers.

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I am sure that each stage of establishing a wedding venue would be just as complex...

no matter which country you began the venture.

When you mix 100 people [or more] with an abundance of alcohol you get noise and

some irresponsible behaviour there are always laws and restrictions in place.

But may I am delighted to tell you all about a small company which has got it it seems.

A young man with a small bus collected everyone in the morning and took them off to the

Bergerac region to visit vineyards....and to a chocolate artist in Castillones. Part of the

experience included a picnic lunch on a farm.Enterprising...yes nothing completely new

but a lovely package set up a few years ago.

planning permission is step 1.


permission from the Marie.

4 toilets....thirsty people need toilets.

Insurance special cover.

Fire exits and fire apparatus of a professional kind.

Masses of parking...

How big is the barn....there is need for space between the tables for

waiting staff to get around to serve.

Neighbours....if you have neighbours...

It would not work.

Make sure that there is no use of inflamable materials

and go for an alternative to open candels.

Make sure that the wedding planner and the caterer are properly


Not sure that you could offer this via AE ....CONSULT an accountant before

you start.......number one job.

You will need great and powerful electrics and a possibly a new foss septic to

cope with the 4 toilets and prepping area.

The caterers will need a water station for taking care of basic access to water

for cleaning...