Repairing walls

Hey there and bonjour! I’m new to this site and I have just bought a house to renovate, I want to fix some walls outside and inside with stone that’s fallen out. My question is what is the correct way instead of sand and cement that you would in England to build brick work, I know that you use lime and sand to point but is it same for building and sticking the stone back into a wall? Thanks in adavance and hope I wrote this clearly

Hi Pete
If the wall is made of cement, then use that to repair it. More likely it is a sand/lime (chaux) mix so use that to repair it. Personally, I use a 2:1 sharp sand (sable riviere):lime mix, but others use different mixes. Unlikely that you will match any existing colour, so the whole wall will probably need re-pointing or re-rendering. Probably not a bad idea if it is bad enough that stones are falling out.
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Thanks mark for the reply! its an old farm house so I’ll go with the sharp and lime and re point it after.

Thanks again

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