Repeat prescriptions

Is there such a thing as a repeat prescription in France, OH needs monthly BP tablets and here in the UK he just send the repeat prescription to the surgery or will we need to see the Doctor everytime in France…
Thanks in advance

Hi Lisa

Not quite the same in France. I visit my GP once every 3 months for a check up and a blood test and she gives me a prescription for 3 months. The pharmacy will normally dole out 1 month’s supply at a time so you just take the same prescription to the pharmacy 3 times. If you’re lucky you may find a pharmacy that will give you the whole 3 months supply up front.

This is a sensible way to do it. It’s a good idea to have a medical check every 3 months especially with something like high blood pressure.

Hope this helps.

My OH has BP tablets. I think the doctor prescribes two or three months at a time for her and the pharmacy dispense one month and mark the the prescription. You keep going back each month until the full prescription is dispensed. The same happens for me and my long term medicine.

I don’t know where you live Lisa, but here near Cluny we have a prescription sheet that lasts for six months.
We have to go to see the doctor to have it renewed.

Don’t forget that, unlike the NHS who dole out tablets ad infinitum (and now do it online) your MT doesn’t get paid for repeat prescriptions except when it is tied to a rendezvous at which you present your CV and he gets his well earned dosh.
A very fair system in my view as it also means that you are subjected to regular reviews of your medication.

Thanks everyone for your replies :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a couple of prescriptions from specialists that I see infrequently, and these are for a year, so collect a new supply every month.

Then straightforward things likes statins, BP pills and pain relief are on three months prescriptions - again collect a 4 week supply every month. I once asked whether it was possible to get a repeat prescription without seeing the doctor and got a horrified expression…and a categorical no!