Replaced washer. Tap still dribbling

Just replaced the washer of an outdoor tap but it is still dribbling (more than just dripping)

Any suggestions please what I need to do. Thanks

It’s possible that the washer seat is worn/chewed up. Is it a very old tap?

If the tap body can be easily removed, I’d take the old off into your local hardware store to match the thread sizes and get a new one.

Guy beat me to it - sounds like a replacement tap is in order (unless, for some reason, you are especially attached to the one that you have).

A new outside tap should not run to too much money.

Where is it leaking from the nozzle or elsewhere ?

Nozzle. 10 year old tap I think. Not attached to it, but nervous of dealing with something that emerges from the wall and is difficult to see where the join is. At the moment I just have a dribbling tap. To replace it I will need a plumber.

Normally outside taps have a boss which screws to the wall and into which the tap screws - in which case replacing the tap is trivial.

Send us some photos from the garden side and also behind the wall

Maybe “normal” Paul, but not here.

Behind the wall is my bedroom - sorry to disappoint wozza! :grin:

Photo of the tap would help - Ah Wozza beat me to that request (pic of the tap still useful if unwilling to share intimate details of your bedroom).

You don’t have to dress up or make the bed :joy: you should normalement have an inspection trap in the wall a photo of that


Outside taps are commonly things like this - even in France


Then one of these


Screws to the wall making it very easy to replace the tap.

Here’s ours
dribbling tap


Ok, chip out around the tap you’ll find it’s as Paul said with photos, replace the tap, when buying new tap buy some teflon tape and put round the tread of the tap before screwing into the wall boss

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Ok, she said with some trepidation. Is there a measurement I need to take a note of when buying a replacement?
Thanks for your help. Especially Paul and Wozza. I will report back shortly.

Looks like a modern/new tap into old outer… is there a “stop cock” further back along the pipe… it comes into the bedroom… follow it back and look see…

If you find how to turn the water off… then I would gently chip away the wall, cos it looks as if there is a fixing showing in your photo… where tap meets wall… ???

Might find the old bit can be taken off and replaced with new… ???

Other than that… new modern fitting into the old existing outer…
and, yes, teflon tape works wonders…

EDIT: sorry, you obviously turned off the water before replacing the washer…

good luck

Looks like that was done last time & filled back in.

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In the meantime attach a hose with a cut-off to the dribbling point to shut it off :thinking:

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That “drip” looks like it could get through a lot of water in 24 hours.