Replacement Carte Gris

My imported Morris Minor, which has sat in the barn for the past few months, is now due for it's CT. The problem is that I can't find the Carte Gris. Normally I keep it with the car, but for some reason I have taken it out of the vehicle and put it somewhere extra-safe when I was over in France earlier in the year. Trouble is, I have turned the house upside down looking for it, but to no avail!

Does anyone have experience of applying for a replacement Carte Gris? What documents do I need to supply? Where do I go? How much does it cost?

I shall keep on looking for the original document in the hope that I will come across it soon.

Thanks for any help on offer.


Hi Sid

Thanks for your reply. The good news is that the original Carte Gris has been found! So I do not have to go through the bureaucratic process of going all the way to the prefecture (which is about 40 mins drive away). I've got to sort out the CT now, but that should be fairly straightforward. In the meantime, the car will stay safely in our barn.

All the best


Hello Simon, I had a similar problem recently. If you go to your prefecture where you normally register the car and report it lost you will get a stamped form to take to the CT station to prove ownership. Once the car has been checked wether it passes or not you can return to the prefecture for a replacement CG. Easy......... not really, why? The form had two declarations you need to choose one. 1 you have lost the CG or 2 your CG has been stolen. Typically my CT station insisted I went to the Gendarmerie to have the form stamped when it clearly stated you only need to do that if the CG has been stolen. At the Gendarmerie the officer said he had NEVER seen such a form before but stamped it anyway!

Hope this helps, Sid.

PS I love Moggies, the mechanical ones that is!!!

No problemo!

Jobs a goodun.

The problem comes if your CG is not in your name & you cannot locate the previous owner, though I think the FFVE can help there - I have a Renault Rodeo bought without a CG so I will be testing the theory.

I'm not exactly positive, but I'd go to the issuing prefecture & ask. Good luck.