Replacement Doors for Fitted Kitchen

We’re redesigning the kitchen in our cottage/gite. The original units from Cuisinella are still in good condition, but we want to add another couple of base units and some more top units. Of course the colour that we chose in 2009 is now completely passé and the current range seems to be grey, grey and more grey.

So I’m wondering whether anyone can recommend or knows of a replacement door and drawer front company that we might investigate.

Thanks, as always for any advice / suggestions.

Well Sue, we went trough this a few years ago, the cheapest option for us was to have the doors painted. At the time it was extremely well done by hand, they tell me now that they can be sprayed for a better finish

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Indeed. I worked as assistant for a ‘room set’ advertising photographer for a while . He had two permanent guys who built room sets, inc kitchens, for the various ad campaigns - white goods/flooring/etc. They sprayed cabinet doors and the finish was superb - like coloured mirrors, some of them.

I think I’d take a cabinet door round the local car repair workshops. They spray panels all day long. See what they can do for you.

Alternatively, the doors will be standard sizes - all the kitchen cabs are - and doors can be had without having to buy the boxes. All the hinges are the same, as well, so just transfer from old to new.

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