Replacing a swimming pool , old "monobloc" system

Any idea of cost ( roughly) to replace a swimming pool that we inherited, its 10x5 m. We need a new liner and would like to get rid of the " monobloc" pump system, replacing it with a sand pump filters etc, pipes & electrics will obviously need changing. We are waiting for a few devis ! Thanks

Hello Catherine and welcome to the Forum…

There’s so much info on Google… quite mind-boggling… but if you are getting a few devis… then you should be able to come up with the best solution.

If you use the magnifying glass icon… you should be able to make a Search on this Forum, which gives accounts/experiences in all sorts of scenarios…

Presumably, the folk giving the quotes have visited and viewed the site…and thus given you a chance to vet/review them at first hand.

Good luck with your project…

Approximately €4000 for the liner, need a photo of the monoblock unit to see what is there, many monoblock installs won’t have return jets fitted to the pool, only one in the monoblock.

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Thanks, I have an idea of the liner cost. I should have made it clearer, It was an overall figure I was checking, the Desajoyeux Monobloc is coming out, as we dont think it is efficient and is to be replaced, probably by a sand pump/ filter / skimmer sytem. We have a pump house ready, so it is the cost of installation, pipework, electrics and labour etc. Obviously we dont know the situation under the old liner ( 20 yrs plus! ). Was just hoping for a ballpark figure from folks with recent experience …so I can discuss with pool people.

You are right, the desy system is not efficient and not very effective. If you have a hard terrace, can that be cut into for laying of pipes? It’s a tricky thing even for an ex desy system customer who may have a different setup terrace wise.

Then the need to cut into the structure and also drill for return fittings.
I was fortunate in that my customers had timber decking which I could lift to run pipes but it’s still hard work, therefore not cheap.

Yes we can lift the tiles, surrounding the pool.

That’s good, so under the tiles is earth? Makes a big difference to cutting through concrete.
Probably again around 3,500 to 4,000. Then finding competent people, If done well and utilising the latest Eco features the savings made (electricity wise) could recoup some of the cost of the work carried out or all of it over a period of 20 years.

Yes. First quote is circa Euros 24, 000! Seemed a little high? No heating , electric cover etc.

I am assuming they had the benefit of actually being on site to view? Always difficult from the PC without photos at least. The one I did was several (5+) years back, was able to do it without a liner change, the pool was smaller and it was local to me.

The liner definitely needs replacing, wrinkled and 23 years old! So Have been lucky. Thanks for your help.

Ok, good luck with the project, please keep in touch always interested.