Reptiles & Amphibians

We definitely seem to be moving up in the world of animals in the garden this year, what with mating toads (threesome no less) and a beautiful smooth snake to add to our collection of sightings…anyone else for a reptile and amphibian photobomb ?


This is one we were v pleased to encounter…over 1 metre of couleuvre d’esculape

And then we have our house toad, who lives outside the back door

And to finish a baby salamander that heavy rain washed into the village fountain and had to be rescued.


So sweet that salamander, I love them and axolotls and newts etc :heart: and toads with their poor patient faces (and actually I love reptiles and amphibians in general).

Edited because I made a typo.


We treasure our geckos. I wish I knew how to look after them better.



Wonderful photos - thank you! We had a big salamander who lived in our (sunk in the ground) water meter box but I haven’t seen him recently - I think he got a bit big for the access channels into it. We have slow worms and toads (just LOVE toads). When sorting out some washing after a hot day in the garden, I found a newt under my partner’s socks (poor thing). . No idea how it cameto be there as there aren’t any ponds (yet) in the area…


We have most of those, not always in evidence though, but I was surprised a few years ago to find a large toad squashed flat and dried out under a large rock. Not surprised at finding it, but that after a few minutes, it got up and walked away. :laughing:

I love them all but especially the snake in the pond, though one day I did see him with the whole of a frog’s leg inside his jaws. He seemed unable to get any further due to the fact that he wasn’t very big, but the poor frog dragged him around for several minutes until finally getting some purchase on poolside vegetation gave one bound and was free. I was sad that he missed his meal, but very happy that the frog wasn’t it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Having now found a usable camera, I shall go hunting for someone on topic to photograph later…

Love it, my favourite phrase is ‘animals (substitute as required) are people too you know’. :rofl:

I do have some photos of the frog/snake saga, but they are on a different drive, will have to search later. :wink:

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Encountered in the nearby ‘lac’… and has been singing for weeks.


Wonderful photo!

He’s so beautiful Fleur!

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This one appeared on our terrace around this time last year, we’ve no pond near us but we’ve got a small bird-bath.
It stayed a few days, possibly dabbling a little bit… then hopped-it.

(I think it might be a natterjack toad.)


I think you might be right, but the green frog(?) in @Fleur’s excellent photo has a similar marking.

yes, but the natterjack is not such magnificent green…

I’ve seen frogs like @Fleur each year in a corner of a distant field… they spend the summer months swimming in a paddling pool which the farmer used to keep full of water for his cows. Now he is kind enough to fill it every Spring and we watch as the variety of pondlife returns. Marvellous.

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A “rainette” ? It looks very similar to the pair that sit on the side of my neighbour’s pond hiding in the grass until we happen to walk by, then they jump in and startle us !

I should have checked here first :wink:

I don’t know! I’ve read about toads and frogs and searched for images but as yet I have no conclusive ID. Toads have knobbly skin and there is a ‘green toad’ but this isn’t one of those. He/she does have knobbles but is more superbly green than any of the toad snapshots I’ve seen.

I know! I’ve been to see him a couple of times. The first time he disappeared into the water with a plop, but last time he hug around languidly, having his photo taken!

Looks like a Marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus.


This is an interesting and useful site:

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