Request for ORL also specialised in Sleep Apnea (apnée du sommeil)

Hello, can anyone here consult or recommend a ORL/ENT for sleep apnea in or nearby Paris? A pneumologue I visited regularly told me to go to Hospital Foche in Suresnes, with their ORL specialized in sleep problems, but their first appointment is in November, and I don’t think I should wait that long, because it could worsen (and I’m already getting an index of 22 after a sleep test). I’ve taken up an ORL consultation at Hôpital George Pompidou soon, and another with a replacement (Dr. Eugene Hindie, replacing Dr. Louis-Marie Opa -…gn=google-maps). Did anyone consult either of the above, or could anyone suggest an ORL also specialised in sleep apnea? Thank you!

I’d guess there’s a post Covid backlog issue Susovan. I’d grab that appointment if I was you and then see if I could find another before it. BTW, how do they calculate the index you mention?

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Thanks, it could be due to Covid as you mentioned. I did a sleep test which measures the index along with a few other things like the oxygen circulation in the body while asleep etc.

Hi Susovan

As John Scully says… grab the appointment offered… for the moment.

I would have thought that if your Docto/Specialist was really concerned about the delay… you would be being treated as an emergency…

but if they are happy with the wait for the appointment then it should be ok…

(I have a friend who had to wait for ages… so I do have an idea of perhaps how worried you might be… )

good luck.


Hi Stella, thanks and am going to call Hôpital Foche and get an appointment, and continue the search in the meantime. Well, my pneumologue, who did the sleep test and referred me to that hospital, doesn’t know of the wait time. Can I call either her or my GP (both of whom know of the problem) and ask them to give me a document that’d say I’d need a treatment immediately? Of course, if it’s not urgent, I don’t want to pose it as so. But my main worry is: what if I wait and it gets worsened (I feel it’s worsening already…as I’ve been recently waking up from sleep following a snore, mostly in the early morning with a feeling of gasping for air, and I’m sure it’s connected with sleep apnea). But the sad (yet perhaps right) thing is: if I go to the emergency and try to explain this they won’t probably take me seriously. I’ll do that if it comes to that.

Hi Susovan

righto… might be an idea to contact your pneumologue (the secretary perhaps) and tell them of the delay…

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Interesting, I was booked in for a sleep test a week after the shutdown started. I’ve rescheduled for January.

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As Stella suggests, call the pneumologue’s office and say you think things are worsening, and would they be able to arrange an earlier appointment for you.

This won’t solve the problem, but it might help while you wait for that appointment. Have you tried sleeping on your side only, never on your back? My husband used to stop breathing many times a night and it was always when he slept on his back. He’s learned to sleep lying on one side or another. I’ve read that sewing a tennis ball in the back of your pajama top keeps you from lying on your back.


Well, that wouldn’t surprise me. What should we “au naturel” sleepers do :joy:

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Superglue a cork to your back (might be easier to do than supergluing a tennisball).

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Yes, the furry surface of a tennis ball could cause an unfortunate rash. A Grand Cru cork is a far better option.

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Sorry guys, I’ve been absent for a bit for the following thread - just wanted to give a brief update. So eventually I consulted Dr. Marc BLUMEN, who’s the one of the main ORL specialized in sleep apnea, also associated with Hôpital Foche in Suresnes. But I since I had to wait for that hospital, I called, and he saw me for nearly an hour, and prescribed a CPAP machine, which I’ll go collect within a week or so. And after visiting a total of three ORL’s (including him), several online discussions (including this one!) and prayers later, I’m feeling slightly better - don’t seem to have much problem in my tongue: must say a bit miraculously and hope it stays that way! The only thing I paid out of my pocket was 90€ in exchange of a very fast appointment, since the above center is conventionné secteur 2 :frowning: The CPAP will be covered by sécu, as the doctor assured me.

sounds like things are going well for you… :relaxed: :relaxed:

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It’s showing a hope for sure, thanks :slight_smile: