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hi all

i’m on process of registering as a micro entrepreneur in & im halfaway done but they are asking “Written signed with a principal, mentioning the content of the contract, or, failing that, any document establishing the existence of such a contract (certificate, etc.)”
i don’t have a such a document. how do i get this ? from where i can get it ? is anyone can help me to sort this please

Welcome to the forum Marie.

what sort of ME are you trying to set up? I dont’ remember that question.

hi toryroo

i’m trying to sell my spices & i’m on the stage of attaching the documents to I’ve attached certificate of honor & my ID details. in the end they are asking a "Écrit signé avec un mandant, mentionnant le contenu du contrat, ou, à défaut, tout document établissant l’existence d’un tel contrat (attestation, …) " what does that & where can i get it & i do not have a such a document. please help me to sort this out

You’re in the “wrong” place - use the URSAFF link above - any other site is simply charging you to make the application twice as complicated. You need to know the URSAFF site - its where you register, manage the AE and then do your quarterly returns.

A wild guess, but, you are not by any chance trying to register as an “agent commercial” by mistake are you?
An agent commercial is an assistant estate agent and would require a contract with a qualified estate agent, who would be the “mandant”.
An agent commercial is not the same as a commerçant=a commercial trader.

I agree with Chris, I tried to use them once to close my old ME and they totally led me astray saying they would deal with making sure the right people got my closing paperwork, it totally stuffed up and I’ve only just sorted it all out months later! I agree also with Sandcastle (sorry don’t know your name) but sounds to me like you may well be applying for the wrong thing.