Residence Permit

I am having an on going “discussion” with my daughter in law about the new Residents Permit and the Carte de Jour. Can anyone give me a definitive answer to this. Are these two things separate things or one and the same?

Thank you

It’s a carte de séjour and it’s just one thing.

Thanks for that except I can’t understand why the permit is free but the “carte de séjour” has a fee of about 300€ ???

I think you might be confusing different types of residence permits. There are a range of them for different groups of people - europeans, people from third countries, workers, students, etc etc. The one that preoccupies most british people is the new carte de séjour that we have to get as a result of Brexit. It is free. However third country nationals (which we now are) normally have to pay.

The terms are often interchangeable.

What is commonly referred to as a Carte de Sejour is actually a Titre de Sejour, which are the words stated on the top of the card. Most folks call it a Carte de Sejour because it is credit card sized, but that isn’t it’s official name.
To cloud matters further, there is a sub group of a Titre de Sejour which is called a Carte de Sejour Citoyen UE/EEE/Suisse which is what a lot of us obtained whilst the UK was still in the EU.

Those of us permanently resident in France who already have one the type of Titre de Sejour detailed above, are now in the process of obtaining a new Titre de Sejour which is commonly referred to as a Residence Card or Permit under the terms of the UK Withdrawal Agreement.

So the answer to your question Richard is both Yes and No.
Yes, both of them are forms of a Titre de Sejour, and yet each is in a different sub group under that heading.
Therefore both yourself and your daughter-in-law are correct.

Normally there is a fee to be paid for a Titre de Sejour which varies according to the particular sub group of Titre for which application is being made.
The UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement however, contains specific exceptional provisions that the grant of a Titre de Sejour to a person who is within the scope of that agreement shall be without cost to the applicant.