Residency application before June deadline

Hi all,
I moved permanently to France in December and am applying for my residency. I don’t work and am doing up my property with a view to opening a bed and breakfast in a year or so.
Regarding the residency, do I have to have my social security number before I submit the application or can that be forwarded at a later date?
Does anyone know what amount of money that I would need to have to be considered financially independent? I own the property outright, so only need to pay bills etc and I have to wait 10 years before I can get my UK pension.
My main priority is to get my residency in the system before the June deadline.
Many thanks in advance - this site is invaluable :grinning:

so if you are applying as ‘inactif’ you need to show a decent amount of funds (there is no ‘set’ level and the only person I’ve heard of being rejected sent a bank statement in the red :rofl: ). They are working it out on the RSA equivilent of €524.16 / month for a single person. You can also add your deeds to your house as part of your proof as this is also taken into consideration. You can also add in the comments box (in French) at the end of the application your BandB plans if you wish. Your big thing you need to get sorted as long as you have decent enough money is your proof of helathcare.

You can read all about healthcare and how to apply to the French healthcare system . If you prefer to have the information in English the CPAM also have information in English and an English speaking helpline .

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Didn’t they change it to €524.16 / month for a household not just a single person.

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Not exactly a high threshold then…we would struggle to live on 19€ a day even in a mortgage free house. Not sure how anyone who needs to heat a house in winter, and lives outside a town (ie has car) would do it?

And hugely different from Spain which has set a higher threshold of approx 24,000/year rather than 7,000€?

“or by proving that you have at least £2,000 (€2,223; $2,705) a month coming into your account. For a family, it will be much more. You will need to show that you have an extra £500 a month for each member of the family. For example, a family of four will need to prove they earn a yearly salary of at least £42,000.”

I can confirm that 18.96 / day makes life a little difficult.
I pay 200 each month for my mortgage, TF etc…heating very often is not the first thing on my list of priorities.
My unemployment money varied between 520 ish in Feb, & 560 - 580 for the rest of the year.

No it is €786 or something like that per couple.

That is different, that article was talking about post 31/12 arrivals. You’ll find Francees threshold for TCNs is much higher as well (although not as high as that i don’t think!).

Thank you :blush:

Quite true! Forgot that…

Emphasises how positive France has been about the British…

I thought the French government had changed the threshold Tory.

"There’s good news for British people - the French government has said that unlike for other types of application, British people can declare this as an income for their household - so if you are a couple you only need €564.78 between you, not €564.78 each - and there is no higher rate for over 65s.

In more good news, RSA is the guideline figure that will be applied for all types of application. The French benefit level for pensions - ASPA - is higher and there fears that some people would not meet this threshold, but the Arrêté says that RSA is the guideline figure."

This is quite true that they are using the RSA not the ASAP as for TCN CdS’s. I have had no official word that this has changed though to only be €564 / couple. Could you please link me to your source?

I have a link somewhere to the government documents I will have a look later when I have time.

Article No 3

Thank you Colin for pointing that one out to me, I checked with my boss and yes it is the case, I just missed it when trawling through the million things in the decree when it came out in late November as well as being bombarded by work in the lead up to the 31/12!!!