Residential address as a seasonal worker

Hello all.

I am looking for some creative ways around my current dilemma.

I am living in France with my Carte de Sejour which is currently registered at a friends house however I can no longer use this address. I need to register it to a new address along with my tax and health care information. I will also be exchanging my British Driving licence for my french one. The challenge I have is that I am a seasonal worker with no fixed address, I move from location to location living at the site in which I work. I move too often to use these addresses as my primary residency and while a virtual address is a great option for my ban statements ect It cannot be used as a place of residency.

Anyway I was wondering If anyone else in a similar position had found a way around this. maybe someone living on a barge or in a van ect.

Many Thanks in advance.


may help.
Proceed with caution though because I thought that having a permanent address was a condition for holding a carte de séjour?


There is a system for homeless people which allows you to get an official address (domicile) in the commune where you are working. It may be suitable for you, although depends how far you move!

It requires filling in a form (of course!)

Here is a link (in English so may not be 100% accurate) which explains

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Because it’s officially sanctioned I think this would be considered a permanent address. And certainly better than sofa surfing.

Thank you very much for your replies. Unfortunately this isnt an option for me. This is only possible if you stay in one region, I move from region to region and occasionally relocate to the DOM areas too. I move 2 to 3 times per year.

I do appreciate the suggestions though.

This sounds like a very specific carte de sejour… if you’re Registered as a Seasonal Worker.
I would have thought there are specific rules on how to move-on… and “change” addresses… perhaps the Prefecture can advise you.

best of luck

There is a public service website that is supposed to be a one stop shop for changing your address with the various administrations. Updating your address two or three times a year should not be impossible.
Do you not have time off in between contracts, where do you spend that? Would it not be worth getting a very small pied Ă  terre in a corner of France where you could keep your personal effects, use as your address for the tax office etc and go back to in your free time? Where do you live out of season? I cannot help thinking that sooner or later you may run into difficulties if you do not have a domicile and are totally reliant on the temporary accommodation that comes with your seasonal employment.

I might well be confused… but I thought Seasonal Workers were only supposed to be in France for a certain length of time in each year… and were supposed to have their abode/home somewhere abroad…

It could well be that @Ryann has a different CdS… but this is what I’ve found so far… and thus I would definitely suggest he visits the Prefecture to check on his position…

How do Gitanes go on, Gens de Voyage? I suppose most of them are French, but not all, surely. I have certainly met Spanish ones in France.

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I am not in france on a seasonal working visa I am here as a resident who no longer has a permanent address and moves from location to location. I am not breaking any of the rules of my CDS agreement but I have hit a snag in the system that many of my friends and colleagues are also struggling to overcome.
The CDS I have is the correct one and I am within the agreement. Since my residence is here in France and I have to spend at least 6 months and 1 day out of every 12 in France I cannot and do not have residence in any other country.

While I definitely do plan on purchasing a permanent residence in France (as suggested) it is simple not an option right now.

I’m so glad you’ve cleared up the grey area… reading it through, I had thought you were here on a “seasonal working” CdS…
Frankly, it can all be a bit confusing … but we do try and give the best advice we can…

Anyway… you are Resident and that’s that!.. now we need to sort out the address bit… for your important affairs.

Still sounds to me that you need some “official” advice on how this can be organized…

best of luck

Is a post box in a post office not an option? Post Restante. Or do they no longer exist. I remember in our old post office there was a whole bank of them one of which was rented by my boss at the time.

Not accepted for official communications I belive!

It looks as if the options you need to look at are these sorts of things