Resistance in the South West

I found this site and if you live here or are just interested in all things résistant its worth a browse:-

Résistance Français

Has anyone read Paddy Ashdown's book on the Frankton raid, better known because of the film 'Cockleshell Heros'?

Lord Ashdown adds to the history by chronicling the issue of the lack of communication between SOE and Combined Ops, and by tracing the escape routes used by the raiders. Two commandos captured at La Reole, two near Montieu La Garde, and Hassler and Sparkes eventual return to the UK via Ruffec, Lyon, Marseille, Perpignan, Barcelona, Madrid and Gibraltar.

Living near to La Reole, and having for a number of years traveled around Charante and Gironde prior to moving to France, I found the book both fascinating and well researched. Well worth a read for Brits living in either the South West or South East of France.

I added a video to the site mentioned above (Résistance Français). Link is below.

Does anyone have any information about a bag of gold bars left behind apparently by mistake in a boutique in Bond Street during the 2nd World War whose customers included aritocrats and 'spooks' ?

You may find the following websites of interest:
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Thanks for the link to their site. It is well researched and documented in both French and English. After reading their information, think I will take a trip to the area. There is a good book entitled "Nancy Wake" by Russell Braddon, which may be of interest. Finally, if anyone is interested in meeting to investigate some of these sites/museums/cemeteries, please let me know. Mike

Thanks for sharing Roger - I'll read that site with interest. We're in the Limousin region, in Haute-Vienne and moved here in June last year, knowing it was beautiful, friendly and welcoming, and that the pace and quality of life would be fantastic - all of which has proved to be true - but we hadn't been fully aware that this region had been so active in the Resistance during the war. It's something we've been researching actively over the last few months, not least because we're so close to Oradour-sur-Glane, the Resistance Museums at Limoges and Angouleme and the war memorial at Chasseneill.

We'd very much welcome any information anyone has on any other Resistance activity in the Limousin region, particularly as it relates to individuals and the effects on their lives.

Many thanks all and best wishes from a very chilly 87!