Resistant starch to decrease blood sugar levels?

I have just been told that I am pre diabetic and have just heard a programme, Dr Michael Mosley, proclaiming the benefits of resistant starch and am wondering if anyone here has tried this and how it worked for them?

Jane the only way you can tell is with a continuous glucose monitor. The sensors are a bit pricey but some sites like Dexcom will give you a free first one. Then as you eat different foods and different foods together you can see what works and what doesnt in resistant starch and all other foods you may consume. Everything else is just guesswork but that spawned and industry over many years.

A prof and his wife had opposite responses to the same foods which shocked even him after a lifetime in medical research. Its down to the gut microbiome and a bit of genetics how each of us reacts. One Keto chap I follow tested resistant starches from several foods like rice and pasta and it barely made a difference in his case, others had opposite results. Low carb high fat is a great way to reset insulin production and get you off the diabetic journey. Successful in about 85% of cases. Good luck :blush:


Thanks for that.
I am following pretty much that type of diet, but with some brown rice, no potatoes or wheat.
I have found that I am much better without the wheat.
I have lost four kilos since I started.
One problem is that I had pancreatitis a few years ago.


Bon courage Jane!

Merci, Vero.

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My sisters in the UK signed up to Zoe for a month, and are very much surprised by the difference in how they react to foods. Part of the pack is a glucose monitor plus microbiome test and analysis of diet+microbiome+week of glucose readings,

Both were Tim Spector sceptics but have been converted as they feel so much better. Sadly not available in France but the glucose monitor seems the main thing.

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We listened to the same podcast. Well, I listened to a short bit. I was tempted by ZOE but it’s expensive.

They did the initial analysis stage and then a month and then cancelled, and were happy with that.

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Partly because continuous glucose monitors are a bit expensive but more because the gut microbiome test cost alot in laboratory time but is the most inclusive test available, other companies doing similar analysis only get around 1/10 of the data, truly ground breaking technology.

I went through this some months ago. I had a blood test and was told I was pre-diabetic. I gave up rice, pasta, potatoes etc and lost ten kilos. The problem I had with my medical diagnosis was that when I lived in France my blood test was always à jeune, sorry no circumflex, but my English one wasn’t. Thus, I was never really sure if I was pre-diabetic or not. Nonetheless the weight loss wasn’t a bad thing.

Good going. :+1:

I don’t have the diabetic problems, [I think! :pray:] just a weight prob, which can lead to diabetic issues, yes.

So I gave up pasta, rice et al - and :wine_glass: :beer: :tumbler_glass: :croissant: :roll_eyes: and have lost 12 kgs since 10th Aug.

It’s been a bit radical, my diet regime, reeling about in a fainting haze of starvation from t. to t!

But having just had an op I have been encouraged to eat ‘more normally’ to gas up the machine to aid recovery.

Having had the all clear from the surgeon yesterday I did rather big up the celebration with almost a whole bottle of

“You didn’t get that at the pharmacy!” [Nurse Nathalie]

And the scales told me I’d added 1 whole kg since yesterday!