Resolutions, revolutions & world peace?

How many people still make New Year's resolutions ? Christmas and the New Year came and went very rapidly in this household it seems catching me off guard, fat bellied a bit overhung and well out of touch with world events. I realised this morning, as I pondered the world over my opening daily cuppa that no resolutions have yet been made. Is it too late now as we are a few days into january ? have I blown it ? would resolutions be valid now i've missed the boat ? I am it seems, resolution-less. Too late or not I will make an attempt at least but the lure of the chip or the temptation of the profiterolle will no doubt cut my over realistic ambitions down to size as usual....

What chance of peace to the world ? Not much when we consider that there are about three dozen wars or conflicts currrently killing off people somewhere in the world. Topping the world list is the Syrian civil war which is said to have claimed over 75000 lives last year. So, not much hope for world peace then.

Fame and fortune ? "This time next year we will be millionaires Rodders" If only Del Boy really meant that ! 'Just' half a million would be nice, you know, enough to not have to worry about paying those darned bills or indulging in a slice of that delicious filet de boeuf (Limousin of course !) now and then. Imagine getting rat arsed on more than 1€99 on a bottle of vino rosso from Lidl. Ooh, I just to taste the smooth fuity nuances of that unassuming but slightly presumptious 2011 Brouilly weighing in at about 7€ a bottle !

It's tricky to remain tolerant in these stressed out, high pressure times. Getting the bills paid is a big enough challenge but keeping the health in check, surviving CPAM visits or putting up with the neighbours dog barking et al takes some doing. Surviving even the shortest drive amongst the incompetance of many french road users is nigh on impossible without shouting some englash rant knowing full well the target for these anglo-saxon insults can't be understood by our french hosts. Remaining tolerant has to be the most difficult resolution to respect surely ?

Here is a belated list of my resolutions.

Lose enough weight to feel comfortable in my body and soul.

Do my bit for world peace by being nice to as many people as possible.

Put up with the imperfections of others and aaccept my faults.

That's it - easy peasy...

Not chip wrappers, but CND and Anarchist Federation of Britain throwaways from that time (which werent thrown away - I think there might be a historical allowance for possessing those now)

Yeah, I reckon I have chip wrappers from 1968 in my archive too ;-)

Yeah I know. I'm supposed to be clearing the cellar of it, but can't shove the major part, valuable historical archives :)

Paper, in theory we could use it as fuel for our stove for a long time we have so much. It is a nightmare in reality.

Doesn't stop me having cupboards full of paper though :)

Peter, quite right too - on all counts.

Yes, I actually do need two screens for work and communications. That is my equivalent of two notepads for different things circa 1970. Yes, technology can be bewildering but I had it there as it developed as a user and have never not.

For all of that, my blessing was when our head of department in Berlin marched a woman into our office and announced to us all that this was our typing trainer! That was the end of two fingers. Only four of the 16 of us was German, so most of us have had to be adaptable and relearn a bit. I cannot understand how the mass of people is now so dexterous on touch screens yet very few can touch type which makes it all many times easier.


Can't do that sort of stuff either Norman :)

Shows how old I am - one screen and I still do most of my research needs on bits of paper. The place is littered with bits and pieces of info.

Techie stuff still trips me up. I want to put a Powerpoint Presentation (with slide transitions and animations) 'The Poster in History' onto a CD to sell and amazon tell me I must convert it to film and put it onto a DVD as CDs are only for music.

I tried that and lost the animations. Duhh!!!!

No problem at all Norman it's just that such a heavy discussion, however interesting can alienate many of us seeking a more 'approachable' subject. All I can say is my hopes for world peace in 2015 look to be rather precarious !

Peter, sorry about that - bit of a bugger having your own post hijacked!

Well, I've got my gmail, two on the Je Suis Charlie thread cos it's got a bit scattered, my three live feeds from France TV, Le Monde and YahooUK, a google map of where the building is, for articles to read, and alist of LMS locomotive depots I'm correcting :)

I am three up on two screens Norman. I am actually editing the report we are writing, jumping in and out of here and watching news, not just CH in fact, and could put up a fourth by splitting the screen on the one this is on, which I do if I need to read texts for this work.

All part of the modern working environment. When I began research we had a pencil and notepad, went to libraries to read what we need, had a typewriter that was on at least its 40th owner and women still knew their place, In fact they still do. 'Just coming my love, what do you want me to do? (grovel, grovel)'.

I'm finding it a bit heavy going I must admit Norman.

OK will try and find something on that Norman.

Technical? Not really, just live feeds and something to read while there's nothing happening :)

Keep your hand in your pockit Jimmy :)

Three pints of heavy there!

Ian, sounds a touch technical?

slightly digressing but still I think on subject (just?) this year in June sees the 200th Anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo. A few years back I started a series of paintings of the cavalry of the Napoleonic Grande Armée, but have now been approached to produce some of the Allied side - in particular the Black Brunswickians, and I am trying to find a good reference, so if anyone out there hits on one, I would appreciate hearing the source.

I have all the infantry ones, but not the the Cavalry.

You can come too Ian, in fact it is probably your round!

See you down the pub then. Well, I would if we could.