Retail warranty

It is so good to have so many knowledgeable people here. It really does help we 'newbies'; to 'survive' France!

In September, we purchased fixed-line telephones (two handsets) from Conforama, Bergerac. They were being offered at a discount but, when we went to pay, the full price came up. I queried this, and a good English-speaker explained that I had to claim the discount from the manufacturer, and even told me how to go about doing so. This involved sending the receipt to Sagem. Some weeks later, we received a letter from Sagem requesting the bar-code from the box. This we cut out, and sent off. Our €8 discount was already reduced by €1.40!

About the end of January, we decided to change the wording of the recorded message that was played if we were unavailable. We could not find the appropriate place in the Menu. I went in to the shop, but our English-speaking friend was on holiday. Another young man was very helpful, and we were advised, in the absence of a receipt, to bring in the box with the bar-code. I explained that this had also been sent to Sagem, but was told that there would be a second one on the box. On checking, I discovered this to be the case.

Our next trip was after our fluent English speaker had returned. We took the box, and the handsets, etc., with us. He checked the handsets, and confirmed that the relevant section in the Menu was inaccessible/missing. However, when he contacted (I presume) his manager, we were now informed that they could do nothing because it was more than eight(8!) days (!!) since the purchase. My pleas and remonstrations fell on deaf ears! I was informed that I should take the matter up with Sagem!

In the UK, my contract is with the retailer. Is this not the situation in France? I would have thought that, given the small amount involved, that Conforama would have seen replacing the handsets, or refunding, good "customer relations". This, apparently was not considered!!

Any 'expert' advice (or that based on experience!) would be appreciated - at least for future reference. By the way, we are still awaiting the discount to be received in our bank account!