Retaining European Citizenship

Not much use for me Geof, I reside in France but do not have either of the following issued by France ! If Permis de conduire had been there, then why not, after all nothing lost !

Conformément à l’annexe III, partie C, du Règlement (UE) n° 211/2011 relatif à l’initiative citoyenne, si vous sélectionnez ce pays, vous devez fournir un des numéros de documents d’identification personnels suivants délivrés par la France.
Carte national d’ identité

It’s a really badly designed form - but you can still complete it (I only have UK passport but live in France too). You have to select ‘passeport’ then put in your UK details - it will initially reject them but gives you the option to override the rejection at the end!

Am I reading it right - a million signatures required by 2 May ?