Retinal screening for diabetics, how and where?

Has anybody had experience of how to get this, our local clinic has a years waiting list. I am type 2 diabetic and need an eye test asap, I asked my doctor and he can’t help as I am not type 1

Have a look on You may be able to make an online rdv sooner. It covers all medical professionals. Kind regards.

Your Médecin Traitant (GP) should be able to do this. I’m a T2 and my MT has been more than helpful in arranging things like an ALD application to your caisse which opens the door to many other things such as a free glycemie tester with supplies, eye tests, HbA1C blood tests (3 monthly), Podologue and hospital appointments for eye checks including a retinal screening.
I would suggest a CHU Opthalmic department rather than a clinic as they will be conventionée secteur 1 (which means it will be fully covered by your caisse plus Mutuelle). They will also generally shift you up the queue as a priority over general eye test waiting lists.
Other than that, I suggest you find a different and more sympathetic MT and get an appointment with an endocrinologist (even your existing MT should be able to give you a letter and a telephone number to arrange this) :wink:
France takes diabetes VERY seriously and you should not have to go through this additional trauma.


Better off trying to get your GP to refer you to the ophthalmology dept of your nearest CHU as an urgent referral if possible.

It seems according to the post that this was no good!

For a diabetic related retinal eye scan, is the correct consultation “HDJ DIABETO”??

No idea, sorry. The way I got my urgent CHU eye appointment, where they asked me whether I had diabetes (I don’t), was because I told my GP I had a fairly sudden unexplained loss of visual acuity despite having an up-to-date prescription (which was true) - my GP pulled out all the stops to get me seen as soon as possible (much to the annoyance of the emergency ophthalmology unit at the CHU, as it was during the holidays, and they were understaffed). As it turned out, they weren’t very good at their diagnosis either during that understaffed period, using a rather inexperienced junior who incorrectly diagnosed me with a cataract, but that’s another story. The fact is, I was seen quickly, and certainly far more quickly than if I’d had to wait for a 6 month - 1 year appointment with a consultant ophthalmologist :rofl:

Had mine done once here in France. Having waited the usual time trying to make then get an appointment it was poor. Much more detail when I go to Specsavers on my visits to the UK. Yes I have to pay for it but not expensive and worth it for a much more thorough job.

Hi All

I still use Specsavers for ordering glasses as they are about half the price of the French shops. My wife and I go to a French Ophthalmologist for eye tests including diabetic retinopathy. The glasses prescription was accepted by Specsavers over the internet and my daughter has just collected my new glasses.

OK so I cannot claim on my mutual but I I am not sure how much I could get back anyway.

The French Opthamologists in our area (Tarn) are in short supply and very busy, our first appointment took over a year but now we make them for a year in advance at our appointment. As we are both diabetics we are ALD ( affectation longue durée) which means the Opthamologist fees are directly covered on our Carte Vitaels