Retired London Taxi for sale

How about your very own “Joe le Taxi”? Great attention getter suitable for family transport or business promotion.

A cheap 6/7 seater with plenty of leg room, air con, bomb proof Nissan diesel engine coupled to an automatic box, large rear doors which can open through 90 degrees, fold down ramp & a seat belted place designed to safely hold a person in a wheelchair. This car can u-turn in a very small space, is easy to maintain, & easy to find in a car park!
Yes, it can only be that ubiquitous vehicle, the London Taxi (As part of the Transported by Design programme of activities, in 15 October 2015, after two months of public voting, the black cab was elected by Londoners as their favourite transport design icon!).
I have been “testing” it recently & always get a wave or a thumbs-up from ex-pats & locals alike & have at last managed to shout “I don’t go sarf of the river this time of night” out of the window!
This 1999 TX1 has air con which will be working when sold as the drive belt has been removed presumably to eke out the fuel around town when it was in service. All the paperwork to register is present & a trip to the prefecture with 250 odd euros will see it french registered. I can do this in my name or, if you want to save 250 euros, I will come with you to do it in yours - shame to pay it twice. Don’t expect a low mileage pristine vehicle as these cars tend to be on the road as much as possible but that also means that reliability & longevity are most important, so regular servicing & an MOT every 6 months was compulsory.

Ideal kids transport, just turn off the intercom & slide the partition closed to keep the noise in the back, or as an advert to promote your business.

2750 euros

Email me at for a test drive & more details.


Can I have this please @james?

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Thought you should see this @Martin_O_Connor !

Thanks James.

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Oh how I covet this! If it’s good enough for Nubar Gulbenkian it’s good enough for me.


Hope all is well? Never got the taxi as I ended up having to go to Ireland. Then I found a contract there and now I’m working in Brussels.
A quick question? My son is opening an ecig shop in Saint Gaudens which is between Toulouse and Tarbes on the 09/09/2017. Could you give him and the shop a mention on Survive France site.
If it’s possible, then I will get the actual address and other details required.

Kind Regards,

Martin O’Connor
+44 7471018386

Certainly Martin, he can list it in the Business Owners category and i will share it in the appropriate Facebook group :slight_smile:

There was one for sale near me for ages. In the end the engine seems to have got bought because now the body is for sale with no engine. I couldn’t understand why nobody bought it, I thought it would have been snapped up. I wondered if it was because of a registration problem but apparently not since you say you have all the paperwork.