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Hi all,
After finally having settled down in Brittany, our neighbour has sadly died. He has left behind 2 dogs. One is a lovely tricoloured setter, 8, the other is a tri tick foxhound type around 6. Both are really lovely and gentle dogs, kept outside in upturned barrels, the usual way. Completely stock broken, very obedient and well trained. Albeit with a somewhat heavy hand.
Desperately looking for a new home for them, not together. They actually don’t get on. Both entire males. Is anyone able to take one? We’re in 22, Cotes d’Armor.

Ooh I would but we are the other end of the country :frowning:

What a shame. One has to be careful how to phrase things on a public forum, but suffice to say that my british heart bleeds.
I take over in the summer holidays and it’s the only time they get out for a run, get any bedding, treats or affection. And yet he loved them dearly, was as kind as a chasseur ever is and was a softie in his own way. He took a beagle from the hunt to save it’s life. Not much of one on a chain and a freezer on it’s side for housing, but all in context. I grew up in Germany on a farm and the attitudes were the same as here. But I live in hope and it’s lovely that you responded. Thank you.

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@spardo (aka David Marker) might be well placed to advice on how best to find a home. Ours would not accept another male in the house, especially with family jewels intact.

A sad situation indeed, within my self imposed necessity to be home each night these days, Brittany is too far for me to travel, even if I had a placement for them.

But I have put out a few feelers with rescue people with connections to the NW and perhaps that may bring some useful suggestions. I will also search my records for contact numbers but, as they are always filed under dogs’ names I have to remember a suitable dog to find the contact behind them. :roll_eyes: So it may take a little time. :slightly_smiling_face:

If any of this provides homes for these 2, and they needed to come this way, or beyond, I can travel as far as Nantes and back or Vannes if allowed to use peages, but my financial situation does not allow me to go anywhere without running costs, at cost, being provided.


Nothing concrete but a very speedy first reply.

Oh dear what a terrible situation. Hanna is absolutely full, there is no way she can take anymore dogs, she has one arriving this weekend.
The couple in Brittany are Suzy and Simon Mitchell. Sadly Simon passed away a couple of months ago. I know Suzy has reduced the number of dogs she has but probably has some contacts, I think she is very partial to setters.
It would also be worth asking Orfee if they can help.
There are another couple of Associations, one based in Brittany
And further south Les Amis des Animaux.
If you can get photos I could share them on Facebook…but I think they need to be microchipped.

I will contact Suzy Mitchell and Hannah, when I find their details but in the meantime Gudrun, you could try the various associations mentioned above.

But also if you have the time and wherewithal, the situation will be greatly helped if you could get them chipped (if not already) and castrated.


How nice to see so many people caring. They are not with me, they are next door. C. needed persuading that they should be going as pets. In her eyes they are purely utility things. They are not in urgent need of a place in rescue. They are just looking for new homes. I’m sure that they are chipped. And rabies is done.

Oh I see, not so urgent then and maybe not always easy to persuade people to do the right thing. Nevertheless we’ll see if anything comes up.

Both dogs are rehomed with nice people. Thank you to everyone who cared and tried to help. Much appreciated.


Very good news, and thank you for coming back to let us know. I am still awaiting replies from 2 of my contacts in Brittany, and one not too far away from it, but they are busy people and it will be nice to catch up when they do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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WooHoo!! I love a happy ending :pray:

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