Retirement savings payments - tax allowances in France?

I received my tax statement today and a very welcome refund into my bank account. Normally, I would just breathe a sigh of relief that it was over for this year and put it in the filing cabinet but I was curious about some of the “complementary information” at the bottom and hoped that one of you very knowledgeable people would be able to tell me what it is because I have almost certainly misunderstood it!
What it says is -

Le plafond disponible pour la déduction des
cotisations versées en 2021, pour la
déclaration des revenus à souscrire en 2022 est de :
Plafond total de 2019…
Plafond non utilisé pour les revenus de 2018…
Plafond non utilisé pour les revenus de 2019…
Plafond non utilisé pour les revenus de 2020…
Plafond calculé sur les revenus de 2020…
Plafond pour les cotisations versées en 2021…

and this has figures against each year for each of us in the two usual columns at the side.

Is it some sort of allowance if I was paying into a French pension?

associated with the receipt of an S1 for each part that you didn’t have before on which you were charged cotisations in prior years?

Not that I can think of under the DTT… Your pensions are UK based I guess?
Always assuming of course that the figures you provided were in the correct boxes on the form :wink:

My partner doesn’t have a pension. Such as I have are indeed UK based. What was puzzling me is the title which I interpret as savings for retirement and the lower headings are unused portions . Everything to do with cotisation sociale seems to be covered in the main body of the statement where, as usual, we pay it only on things like bank interest, since we are covered by my S1 :thinking:

curious… which amount/is there an amount you can specifically relate to the entries on the form and the amount paid back?

Plafond Épargne Retraite… (???) dates and figures…

that suddenly appeared on my Tax document… I hadn’t got a clue why.

It didn’t relate to refunds or anything exciting…

I ignored it for a couple of years, then queried it… It had been a mistake (on my part…)
The “nice lady” in the Tax Office sorted it… and it disappeared.

It might be beneficial for you though… no harm in asking your local Tax folk.


Thank you Stella - it’s not just me then! It didn’t seem to relate to anything much. I understood exactly where all the figures on the calculation itself came from and they all make sense. I had a refund as a result of getting PACSed last year so that our tax liability nearly halved! Very nice…

you can do through the online portal when you log in to your impôts account (assuming you have one)…

Ah yes - I’ve used that. The chap I “spoke” to was obnoxious! I prefer to do face to face things where possible :smiley:

This is a wonderfully French calculation for people who pay into a retirement scheme. And once you have received a higher degree in math and calculated the years and the amounts if you haven’t exceeded that ceiling you can put the payments against tax. It seems to be automatic, as we have always had it despite not contributing to a pension scheme,

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In recent months… I zapped a message through the online (as Graham shows) and had a reply from the “nice lady” herself… she reckoned that face-to-face were coming back and is looking forward to seeing me…
but this was just before we started the dratted 4th wave of covid… aaargh.

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Thank you @JaneJones! That’s sort of what I suspected it was. I suppose it’s too late to pay into a French pension now :thinking: :rofl:

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Bearing in mind our lowish income… I couldn’t figure out where they thought I would find the money to “pay in”… :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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I can relate to that! If we aren’t paying anything much in the way of tax, I’m not sure what is to be gained by more tax relief, either :smiley:

Not for this, but for credit impôt as a result of using the CESU scheme/services à la personne for things like cleaning if you don’t pay enough tax they send you a cheque!!

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Wow! Must get into that :smiley:

we got a cheque for reimbursement in respect of the cost of employing someone at home without subscribing to the CESU scheme.
The details were entered on the online tax submission in 7DB on Form 2042.

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That’s worth knowing - thanks Graham! Are there conditions attached to that?

Only that you (we) had to declare who it was in the submission and the amount, full address etc and they would need to stand ready to be asked for appropriate details/confirmation if required. We had a valid invoice for the work so there would be no issue on that basis.

To be crystal clear I should have written CESU or services à la personne, rather than CESU/services à la personne! The important thing is that the person doing the work is registered to do this sort of thing - directly, indirectly or cheque emploi

Edit: but does that mean you employ direct Graham as that seems to be a minefield? Work contracts, pay slips etc etc. Or do you use a services à la personne company, when you get an annual statement?

Basically these are the conditions Angela - and very useful it is to! We hopefully have someone coming in a week or two to look at our huge hedges Which are an annual nightmare.

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